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Review or Advice for my Gig

Hey, so I’m quite new to fiverr, and I got my first order about a week ago, when I first put my gig up. So far, I’ve gotten around 200 impressions and some queries, however no additional orders. I was wondering if anyone had some advice to make my gig more enticing or ‘buyable’ or even review my gig in general? I really appreciate it, thanks in advance!

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You could add a video showing some of the things it can do if that will help. Also in the premium package they get 1 revision but in the others they get 2. Normally I think the premium package no. of revisions would be at least as many as in the basic package.

When you write your description, write about what your client gets by working with you. Writing about yourself and listing the features is not too appealing to your buyers,

Instead of “I do this and that”, try something like “A Discord bot can help you _____ (the benefits for your buyer)”.

I don’t want to be harsh (but I will because you’ll understand more quickly), but no one cares about you or what you can make.

Buyers care only about what they are getting for their money. Bonus points if you can convince them that they will get much more than they paid for. (Don’t do this by reducing the price! Do it by increasing your value.)

Write about how you solve their problem and why it’s good for THEM to buy what you’re selling.

Hope this helps!

Good luck & All the best :four_leaf_clover:


I’m getting what you mean, and it makes perfect sense. Customers care what there money gets them in terms of value. I’ll take this on board when I rewrite my description! Thanks for your help!!

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It’s a pleasure and a privilege. :slight_smile: