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Review or advice regarding my GIG

Hi! I used to work with WordPress issues, but now I have decided to add some graphic design services. That’s why I have published a GIG regarding Background Removal. Can anyone review this GIG or advice me, how to make this GIG more attractive and efficient?
Thank you :heart::heart::heart::heart:
GIG link-


Yeah it’s really nice!

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Thank you very very much for giving a feedback. :heart::heart:

Your gig looks great, but you made one major mistake!

Never ever offer unlimited revisions! If you offer unlimited revisions, the buyer could continue to request revisions even years later. This could lead to a never-ending order! I hope this helps!


I think the decoration is good, but. your thinking to give multi services from one account is bad Idea, brother.

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Where do I start?


I’m a Buyer.

I’ll pay $5 for you to photo edit 15 photos.

That’s quite a bargain.

Oh, by the way, I’m a VERY DIFFICULT BUYER.

I’m going to take advantage of your Unlimited Revisions and get you to alter the 15 photos I sent you an additional 5 times each.

After you do that, I’m going to ask you to do it all over again another 10 times per photo.

Oh, and just to make my point, my review will depend on ONLY if you keep revising my photos daily for me for the next 30 days because I’m not really sure what I really want you to do with my photos.

In case you’re wondering, I’m making a point here.



That and don’t let Mr Ink^ buy from you LOL

Seriously though, he is right. You offer far too much already then think that by making your offer unlimited that you are offering the best possible offer. Not so, it becomes the worst of offers as a serious (sane) buyer will distrust under “too good to true therefore not good at all” logic. And they are right.

When you go to McDonalds, do you get infinite burger? No because the finiteness of a thing is where its value is. When you read a Steven King book is it unending? No because it is in the ending that the real magic of the book lies.

Special work is limited.

  • A Master craftsman has a very definite, and high, value on their time & skill. If you say otherwise, you make it clear that you are not a master. Maybe a
  • Journeyman, someone who can do things passably and get paid an average amount. Or a
  • Hack - someone who chops away then delivers a bit of a mess that works - kinda - and might or might not get paid a pittance.

Your Gig says who you are and how you want to be treated



You are a too good gentleman. At first, I thought :thinking:


Thank you all for giving valuable feedback.

carry on and spend much more time on fiver.

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