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Review Problem with gig

I have complete the order and buyer gave review but it is not showing on gig.
The order was complete automatically and later buyer made review.
Please see my below link. you will find 1 order complete but no review.

Please help

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Review will not show until you leave your feedback.

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how to give my feedback? can you please guide me?

How did you know that your buyer left a review? you’ve got message (notification), by clicking this message you will be able to leave your feedback

I don’t remember exact what it reads (message) but when buyer left a review you get a notification (under message tab) to leave your feedback that’s how you will be able to leave your feedback.
I guess you can also leave your feedback going to your order page.

the order was marked completed automatically and by chance i got email ID of buyer.
I asked her for review and she sent me reply that she did. but i cannot see

If order completed automatically then you will not be able to leave your feedback.

Probably your buyer is talking about ‘private feedback’.
Feedback that does not display publicly only Fiverr team can see it.

Great. so it means i have got private feedback.
My complete orders are 3, Starred 2,
Overall postive rating is 5.0.
So I am not gonna contact buyer as there is option of “private feedback” right?