Review Removal - Report the Abusers, Accept the Rest


Just a short observation.
With all the panic about reviews et al of late, I notice that the seller who wrote the post below has had their 1 star review removed. I have been saying this a lot lately. If people stick to reporting buyers who are abusing the system instead of going to CS every time a buyer gives a review you disagree with, the reviews will be removed.


I think it will take some time for this to filter through to the less, ahem, discerning members of our tribe who have joined because they’ve heard that this is the land of milk and honey where bad reviews can be magicked away.

But yeah, listen Eoin, everyone. Even if he is Irish :wink:


Never really got the attraction of milk and honey tbh. Are they supposed to be mixed? I remember a soap named milk and honey and that didnt taste too good. I said so in my Amzon review - 2 stars. The seller got it removed though which is unfair, I said so in my review of Amzon on Trustpilot…


Ooh, I bet Amazon’s TP ratings are a hoot, I love reading the new Fiverr ones.

It’s (Greek) yogurt and honey here rather than milk and honey. It’s actually pretty good. I dunno if they’re in Ireland too, but there is a UK yoghurt company that does organic blah blah blah who do a yogurt and honey (blended). Or Fage, which is a Greek company sell Greek yogurt abroad. Best brand is Total though.

/Greek yogurt nerdery

Wouldn’t the honey be all kind of lumpy with the milk unless you spent ages whisking it? If you want to enjoy milk with added things that isn’t vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, I recommend ayran (it’s salty watered down yogurt. It’s NICE, OK!). I think the Indians call it lassi. I’m sure writer will be along at the crack of dawn in Bangalore to let us both know.


I’ve had milk and honey in a smoothie and it was lovely. Of course it also had sugar, cream, and dark chocolate. It was a recipe for a dessert drink that was not supposed to be low on calories or fat.

It was recommended as an organic chilled dessert to make with local organic honey so you would catch tiny bee-sized allergies and not feel them, but they would become immune to the human versions. The dark chocolate was included as an antidepressant with some tannin thingies for your heart. Translation - great excuse to eat rich chocolate cream and pretend it’s a health drink.

Eoin, my friend, when you make it, please exclude the SOAP ingredient before you review this recipe. It’s supposed to say DOAP. This is a regional herbal medicine additive and it really tastes better without any SOAP or other OAPS.


I have tried to avoid using OAPs in smoothies but they are just so darn tasty!