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Review Removal with Refund without Buyer's Consent

There is nothing more damaging than a negative review based on lies. That includes a pseudo-positive review, where you get 3.5 stars, and yet the reviewer accuses you of things you didn’t do. While it’s true we can ask buyers to remove reviews and then we can give them a mutual cancellation, some buyers don’t pay attention to their e-mails or might ignore you out of spite. That is why I’d like to be able to request a cancellation that removes the negative review automatically. I’d rather lose $5-$10 than my reputation. Just saying.

So you mean cancellation does not remove the review already ?

Reply to @kay2809: Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think it does. If I’m wrong, let me know.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Okay, I checked this page

It is only removed if the buyer accepts it. Which is not fair. Buyer getting the refund after 2 days with the feedback staying in place.

Recently, I was going to cancel an order thinking that it will remove the review as well. Glad that I didn’t do it.

I entirely agree. It is ridiculous that a buyer can disappear and get money back. Some buyers ignore you on purpose, others don’t check their mail again. I think if they don’t respong to the offer of cancellation they should get a refund in 2 days and feedback should be automatically removed. There is zero reason to leave the seller stuck.

Kay provided a great link, here’s the highlight.

" If the order is cancelled without the Buyers agreement, the feedback will remain on the order."

That is extremely unfair.

Reply to @kay2809: Thanks for the link. Now I know.

I recently just tried to rid myself of a 3.5 star review that was left for NO reason, and CS didn’t help at all. I agree with you, if they expect us to handle our own “negative/positive” reviews and ALL interactions between buyers than we ought to have a cancellation/refund button that allows us to refund the order and remove the review. Some of these buyers on here have no communication skills and will completely ignore you. We should be able to take matters into our own hands.

Good suggestion @fastcopywriter

Reply to @gingerwriter: My problem buyer just told me he’s on a mobile device, and can’t remove the review. So I told him to do it from a computer. Seriously, it’s like some buyers don’t think. “I’m drowning, what do I do?” “Grab the lifesaver!” LOL