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Review system on fiverr

Hello my fellow sellers, do you think fiverr should bring some more transparency about the rating system? let me tell you my story, So a buyer asked me for a custom job and I did everything as per his instruction. while working on the project he also asked for some modification which I did too. Because I don’t want to disappoint my buyer so if there is some small changes required I did without asking for extra charges. My past buyers are quite happy with my services and they said it in their reviews too.

So on this order, before submitting the final work I send it to him in the DM and he said everything is fine so I delivered the work but he didn’t accepted it right away. after one day I asked him if there is any issue and he said no and finally accept the order but then he gave me 4 star rating! when I asked him about this he says nothing. So I don’t understand what went wrong and why I Got bad rating from him. I asked him several times before delivering the order but he never mentioned anything.

So my question is, Is it really worth it, after doing so many things for the buyer, he just left bad grades and go away with it? I think fiverr should have implement this, when someone gave you lower grades at least they should justify their rating, why they think the work isn’t worth getting 5 star rating. giving bad ratings may not mean anything for him but it certainly affects my sales. what is your view on this?


Not all buyers are going to give you 5 stars. Your buyer simply did not think your work was worth 5 stars and your rating reflects that. Move on. Promise yourself that you will do even better next time.

Discussing a review with a buyer can lead to a warning or a ban and is also unprofessional behavior.



I don’t have any problem with whatever rating the buyer gave me. but shouldn’t I deserve to know the reason behind it? Also I didn’t ask him about the review I simply asked if the work I delivered is not according to what he had requested or not

Different clients are going to have different ideas of how to use the star system.

5 stars means perfect. 1 star means awful. But anything in between is up to interpretation.

I certainly wouldn’t consider 4 stars ‘bad’. They might give everyone 4 stars unless their customer service is perfect. They might give everyone 4 stars unless the work that they get exceeds expectations, not just meets them.

You can’t really know what goes through a client’s head when they get to the rating interface. Just because you delivered something on time and did everything technically correctly, that might not be enough to earn a perfect score from a client.

It the long run, 4 stars isn’t going to impact you much. If anything, seeing ‘4.9 stars’ on the service average and hundreds of orders makes the service feel more realistic. People with hundreds of orders and 5 stars might just be boring! :slight_smile:


There many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave it and move on.



That’s a positive review.

Move on with your life. :slight_smile:


There is another reason for problems like these. Some buyers don’t know about the system of Fiverr. But, We can avoid problems like those by keeping good communication with buyers. Good luck

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You achieved 80% in the buyer’s mind. That’s a good rating. Celebrate.

Too many sellers become fixated on always receiving a 5 star / 100% perfect review.

It is possible for sellers to deliver an ‘acceptable’ job (rather than perfect) and for the buyer to think “it’s okay, I’ll accept it” (rather than be overwhelmed by the quality). In my mind that’s what a 4 star review is all about. A job that was acceptable to your buyer.

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Or the delivery was A-OK, but communication or the overall customer service was somewhat lacking.


I’m not a supper experienced at all, still I can say from my previous experience that, Everyone will give you Highest Rating, if you can maintain your service and communication. Everyone comes to have a great experience here, but if they didn’t get it, they left with lower rating.


Thank you for sharing your experience

Thank you for you responce. it’s really helpful seeing different prospective.

Yes, I’d try to keep that in mind

Yes, a review is after all how the buyer interprets the whole work experience. I always try to keep good communication with the buyers but maybe some may find it was not enough.