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Review the Order Requirements

I got a mail and a notification from Fiverr telling me to Review the Order Requirement from a buyer.

For this particular buyer, I have already delivered the job within the set timeframe.

Please does anyone know what I can do with the message I received from Fiverr?

Just to add, the buyer sent me the job in my inbox, I created a custom offer and sent to him, he accepted and I delivered the completed job.

I look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks for your time.


Take a look at this topic created back in 2018. It should answer your questions.

Also, check if the same buyer placed a new order for which you’re getting the new notification. If that’s not the case try contacting customer support.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I guess it was a bug. It disappeared after a while.

Its just a reminder from fiverr to review the requirements, its nothing serious…
When buyer places order and you miss to check order page and requirement section, system consider that you haven;t seen what buyer wants and sends you reminder about it…

It usually happens in custom orders because seller discussed things with buyer and knows what he wants and don’t bother to look into requirement section !


Has he not reordered? Opened a new order with you. Check that!

No please. He asked for a review for the last job I delivered. Thereafter, I didn’t see the notification again. It just disappeared.

Reviews can only be given within a certain time. Buyers are not allowed to ask for a review.

Sorry for the confusion. What I meant to say was ‘Revision’ not ‘review’. My last statement should have read “No please. He asked for a revision for the last job I delivered. Thereafter, I didn’t see the notification again. It just disappeared”.

Thank you for your clarification. Much appreciated.