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Review video sellers, opinions please?

I’m thinking about making a video review/testimonial gig. But since I’m not personally comfortable acting when viewers don’t know it’s acting, do you think I’d make any sales at all if the videos were provided with an “actor portrayal” disclaimer on screen?

And it’s exactly this sort of flattery that makes me too bashful to try it! :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I’m not a video seller (and happily no longer a seller on Fiverr). However, I’d imagine the buyer wants the review to seem authentic. And probably wouldn’t want a disclaimer.

But I could be wrong about this.

If anything, you could have a disclaimer on your basic gig and then remove the disclaimer for a gig extra? shrug

Just giving my unwanted two cents. I only replied to this because you’re one of my faves itsyourthing.

I do a normal review Gig, but I’ve had some people ask me about making video testimonials too. I personally don’t like being recorded, but I imagine you would be able to find clients who would buy your service.

Who knows, there’s probably people out there who might need someone who’s only acting. [=

I see commercials with that on TV (albeit small text and lightly colored) so I think - why not? Besides, you can always try the gig and if it doesn’t do well you can decide if you want to delete/suspend or change your mind!

Reply to @edwriter: Aww, thanks. Yeah, I doubt it’d sell. But considering I quit a decent marketing contract because I felt guilty about convincing folks to buy something that no-one on the planet actually needs, I’d just feel too awkward about pitching without a disclaimer.

And this is why I can’t afford nice things. :wink:

Reply to @maddisont: Ha! I’m pretty sure you didn’t intend it that way, but that last line made my creeper alert go off. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Good point! Suspend and delete are every seller’s friend!

Go for it. :slight_smile:

Nothing beats a bit of honesty, especially in the world of marketing.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Haha xD That’s what I get for posting on the forum when I should be sleeping!

Reply to @mrproofreading: If by “beats” you mean, makes folks smile, but not spend money, sure! :wink:

Reply to @itsyourthing: I dig it. I was pretty tired when I started this thread!

Reply to @itsyourthing: You might get a few “your gig made my day” tips. Free money is always nice.

I think, video should be natural and spontaneous without any acting. Just be confident and go for it with your charming personality. I am sure, you will do great!