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Review VS Client Satisfaction


client satisfaction is more important than 5 star Review … it is my personal experience that new sellers always focus on 5 star review rather than focusing on client satisfaction …as i have gone through this phase that’s why i am sharing my experience .

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Isn’t it the same thing? If client satisfied they will leave a good review


We all focus on 5 star reviews because they lead to more sales, they raise your rating so you don’t get demoted.

Besides, some clients are impossible to satisfy. In the past, we would simply refund those orders and avoid the bad reviews. Now, we’re punished if we refund (lower order completion rate) and we’re punished with bad reviews if we don’t refund.

That’s why I’ve decided to focus on making money, and discouraging difficult buyers from ordering. It’s not the way Fiverr used to be, but it’s the world we live in.


i agree on this. :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


No… new sellers usually asks for good review breaking TOS …


Client satisfaction is important but 5 star review is importanter. :grin::grin:


I’m afraid that I don’t agree with either statement. I used to. However, I don’t focus on client satisfaction on Fiverr. These days I focus on how satisfied I feel working with a client.

Every new buyer anyone ever works with is unpredictable. Some people can be impossible to please. Others have far too high expectations. Some are rude. Some are exploitative. Some should be sent back to the middle ages and be hung drawn and quartered.

When I used to focus on reviews and client satisfaction, I would revise deliveries indefinitely, provide extra work FOC, and bend to almost any request. However, this resulted in longer-term problems.

  • If you strive hard to please buyers by delivering more than you usually offer, they return time and time again asking you to do the same
  • Every time a client has not been 100% satisfied and I have attempted to remedy this situation, they have left a poor review anyway

As it stands, I am confient in my ability as a writer / video maker to deliver the highest quality work which anyone who buys on Fiverr at my price point can ever hope to expect.

If a buyer isn’t 100% satisfied, I don’t fall over myself trying to please them. If I do that, I risk spending time trying to appease impossible to please people, which I could be spending on working with more appreciative buyers. (Whom, incidentally, are also more likely to become repeat customers.)

If you are good at what you do, client satisfaction doesn’t matter. Your work will speak for itself and everything else will fall into place after that.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you are right .


but if you are good at what you do.client will definitely be satisfied but there is some exceptional cases … and

great …


That’s a good point. However, I still want 5-star reviews.

Only if they want more than what they paid for, and you can always say “no.”

That’s not the way I do it. I give one revision, afterwards, I’ll say “I’m sorry you didn’t like my work, but I’m unable to provide additional revisions.” Or I might send them a custom offer for additional revisions, or ask them to order again, or ask them to please hire someone else.

Sometimes it helps to explain that the job you do is subjective, that there are no right or wrong answers.

It does matter if you want repeat customers. Some of my gigs won’t be getting repeat customers, but others will. Those customers can be lifesavers when your gig is ranking low, when nobody’s ordering.


You are talking about being secure in your talent and ability. If you have these you don’t worry about reviews and client satisfaction because there is no need to.

For example, Aretha Franklin didn’t need to worry about whether or not people would like her when she sang.