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Review will not submit or work

So I paid for a service recently that I was disgusted about.
The person got on my last nerve and I wanted to leave a poor feedback for a job poorly done.
I understand that my money was spent and really don’t care to recover it.
As I would prefer to pay cash to ensure people know this person is scum.
However every time I rate this particular order it reverts to unrated and will not send through my warning.
I do believe this person has been reviewed fairly and as an unhappy customer I think it is only fair to be allowed to rate someone as a poor seller so why is it this system refuses to allow my review.

This sounds like something to ask Customer Support, plus while you are at it, if the review is fair enough you can send them the text. They might post it for you, I don’t know. I once gave a seller a positive review and found out much later I had been scammed. CS removed the review for me since it was too late to do it myself.