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Review your experience with this buyer

Once any order is complete and the buyer gives a feedback, then the seller gets a chance to leave a feedback about the buyer. In the option: REVIEW YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THIS BUYER.

Can someone please tell me if the feedback is private(can only be seen by the buyer) or public(can be seen by the whole fiverr community).

When I give feedback to a buyer…Can any other fiverr members see what feedback i give to my buyer? I think it will be good if my feedback to the buyer is public. So that a seller can know in advance about a buyer.

Your thoughts please…

Yes, all feed back is public. From buyer to seller and from seller to buyer.

Is there a way i can see all previous feedback s a Buyer has got from other sellers ?

Reply to @arun5iver: No. There isn’t a way to do that currently. Hopefully with a buyer’s profile we will be able to see these things. For now, there is no way.