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Reviewed gigs delivery preview

Hi everyone! I write custom guided meditation scripts but recently i was asked by a new customer to create a different kind of script that although pertaining the world of spirituality, do not fully represents the gig’s direction. The experience was good but i’d like to get rid of the preview of this delivery in the gig gallery. I went into the edit page but i was not able to find how to manage the gallery other than for the pictures i uploaded myself. How can i fix this? Thank you so much!

You can only delete all or leave it. I suggest you select carefully in delivery what image to use as showcase or add additional image to delivery and select that one.

Now it is too late.

Thank you for the quick reply. But what if i take all of them away, save it, and then upload again my own images?

Nevermid i just found out myself about my last question :yum:
Really these is no other way than deleting the whole gig and upload it anew?