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Reviewers, How Do YOU Do It?

For a while now I have had a gig where I will review people’s books/music/movies on Amazon. However, it dawned on me what a waste of time this is! Think about it: let’s say someone gives me even a SMALL novel to read (200 pages). And say it takes me 5 hours to read that book. Well, how about that? I just earned $1 an hour! (Actually, less than that because Fiverr takes a dollar.) Clearly, one gig for a review is not really worth your time if you would like to actually earn something here. However, I also know that a buyer wouldn’t be too thrilled about purchasing a dozen gigs for one review. LOL

So to those of you who offer review gigs here…how do you do it? What is the balance that you strike? I enjoy writing reviews, but there are more effective uses of my time.

My experience as a reviewer: Self-publishing authors are the most pleasant people to work with and it was fun getting free books. It is time-consuming. I got burned out with Fiverr and created my own website, where I can charge whatever I want. However, I’ve disabled ordering there, as it evolved into a related pursuit on an entirely different website. Currently, I just buy here every once in a while. I’d say do what makes you happy.


I am not a reviewer (still) but I think it would be reasonable if you would charge 1 GIG per a certain number of pages. Fiverr is not meant for buyers to exploit sellers. If you earn 1 GIG for 15 to 30 minutes of work, it could make sense. I offer this advice although I usually still work more than 30 minutes per gig on Fiverr - lol - it is easy to give advice to others! Anyway, to me, what is more important is to enjoy whatever job one does, here on Fiverr or in a ‘real life’ environment. Reading books seems interesting.

hope that helps

Reply to @happyspace: I DO enjoy reviews, but at the same time…it can get to a point where you feel like a sucker. There is nothing wrong with being expected to be paid a fair rate for your work. Wanting money doesn’t mean I enjoy it any less. At the same time…if I can’t get it to a point where the payment is fair, then I might as well just do away with that gig.

Reply to @silberma1976: I like that idea. Maybe 3-5 chapters. Or if I do the per page option, maybe I could say one gig for every 25 pages. Something to make it worthwhile. Otherwise it just isn’t worth my time to do anymore. I love reading and reviewing, but let’s face it. None of us are here to work for less than minimum wage.