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Reviewing gigs video technical and narration mistakes


You might noticed from my offered gigs, that I’m a professional videographer. That’s why I’m offering a chance to review your video works and I’ll point out mistakes you’ve done while recording or editing. With Gig Extras I will even write down ideas and suggestions to make your video better.

Why I wrote different title in forum topic than the actual gig? Because 90% of FIVERR GIGs videos are done really bad and could be made much better. Even if the gig is titled “professional testimonial”, the whole video looks like crap (excuse my language). If you think your video is perfect, just order my basic review gig and I’ll tell you if that is true. If that IS true, I’ll put you to my “Video production HQ” collection. It’s great to have all good quality production in one place.

Thank you!


This looks like a useful and unique service for the video makers here. (My own single video is so bad it makes the Blair Witch Project look like Citizen Kane. ) But I’m not selling videos, so … :wink:

collected :smiley:


Thx :slight_smile:

I just made a first blog post about green/blue screen production. I might be some help to those who are working in such direction: http://fragglesrock