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Reviews and gig ranking

this is actually a complaint or you can say a disappointment.
i want to ask this actually from the fiverr team, but i know they are not gonna answer this.
my question is as fiverr service itself says that getting a review for a project is not important as it is totally under a buyer’s hand that either he wants to give it or not and seller can not ask for it in any case. right? and i am completely ok with it as much i am getting money for my work.
then why our gig ranking depends on the reviews?
this happens to me that i have done 8-9 orders and from which 5 of them give me review and other did not even marked the order and disappeared, one of them gave me 3 consecutive orders, but without review, so this is not the case that someone believe that i am not providing a quality work. after this my all gig gonna disappeared from the search and now its been a month that i am not getting a signal order.
now the the question is who is mistaken here and who is gonna been punished? a buyer or a seller?

there are some issues which i think fiverr team must address.

thank you!

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