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Reviews and Suggestions from Seniors about this GIG

Hello Guys!

Kindly Comment with Suggestion to improve this gig thanks in advance. Actually I have tried social media traffic, Google ads traffic, Spend around 17 days to change everything after Research but still now getting good statistics.

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Thousands and thousands of people do this on Fiverr.

Don’t just look at your gig, look at your competition.


If you don’t mind me asking, then, what did you learn from your research?


No one can help you except you, do A/B testing to know what works and not.


if you keep on the hard working, i believe with time, you will make sales.

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Alot of things like before 17 days my gig is on 49th page but now it’s on 10th page.
I just want to ask, Why social media traffic is not much effective in my case? Is there any mistake in my gig? you can help me to come over that problem. thanks

Thanks. I am trying my best

Yes you are right i am trying my best Thanks mate :slight_smile:

totally depends on your SEO tags and keywords keep changing the SEO keywords but remember don’t change the title and the search keyword must be in title and description at least once

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my gig was not even in search but after modifying search keywords time to time it is now in 2nd page.

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Thanks I am working on this

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No, that is NOT market research. That is not researching your target customers, researching details about your competition, or research of any kind. That is merely looking to see what page your gig is on.

Perhaps it’s time that you get serious about your gig success, and take dedicated, business-forward actions that grow your freelance career, instead of doing as little work as possible, and expecting those few, basic actions to yield massive success.

Probably because your target customers aren’t on social media. If you had done real research, you would understand who your target customers are, where they are located, what they need, and how you can solve those needs. Spamming your links on social media – to the friends you are connected to – is not marketing.

The “mistakes” you are making reside in the fact that you are hoping for great success by doing as little as possible, or doing whatever seems the easiest. No one achieves great success by merely looking at the outside of a box. You achieve great success by taking that box apart, looking at how the box is made, studying everything about what is inside that box, and then reverse-engineering the knowledge gained inside that box in order to find a way to adapt that knowledge to your own circumstances, and making it work for you.

You clearly have not done any of that, therefore, your failure to do any of that is your problem. Dig in and learn, don’t just scratch the surface and expect everything to happen by someone else’s hand.

You have a lot of investigating, experimenting, studying, researching, exploring, and trial and error to do if you want to become a successful freelancer.

you are right but I am doing google ads promotions to targeted locations and people who need these services.

I mean to say that after implementation from research I have improve my gig ranking from 49 to 10th

If those ads aren’t yielding any results, then why are you still wasting your money pursuing them?

Sorry to say mate I am not on beginner level. I have an experience of around 4 years in my field, also i am Top rated seller on another platform. I am new to fiverr that’s why I need suggestions related to gig.

You have 5 reviews on your account, and you have not yet achieved Level 1 seller. You ARE on the beginner level as a seller here on Fiverr.

Prove it to your customers. Those are the people who need to know how skilled you are. You’ve been here on Fiverr for only five months. It doesn’t look like you’ve been connecting your experience to the customers who need that experience. Until you have a dedicated customer base, claiming success in your field doesn’t mean much here on Fiverr.

I hate to be so honest, but no one cares how successful you are on another freelance platform. This is Fiverr. Prove your success here. Until you are able to do that here, it doesn’t matter how successful you claim to be somewhere else, or how many awesome years you claim to have been doing what you do. Your customers here only know what you do HERE. Focus on here, not making claims about somewhere else.

You have been given plenty of suggestions already, and there’s an entire forum of advice waiting to be read. We are not going to guarantee that you become successful here. We are not going to do your research for you. We are not going to make sure you know everything about Fiverr. Fiver already has the resources available for you to use. The TOS and self-help links are already available at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.