Reviews are not yet updated in gig page


I have already made my first sale and got a 5- star review. even though 5 star review visible in my profile,a 0.0 review is shown for my buyers why is that?




Why is that? :confused:


Hello viranga5000 and welcome to the forum!

You should tell customer support about this. I saw what you mean.

I see on your profile it does show 5 stars but on your gig it shows zero stars.
That is a mistake that needs to be fixed!

Customer support will be able to help you if you tell them the problem.

I wish you much success here and a great future!



Customer service told me to clear the browser and try again. But still the problem not fixed. I’ll contact customer service again.:confused:


@viranga5000 That’s not right what they said to you.

Yes ON THE SAME TICKET! Don’t send a second ticket about the same thing, put your message on the same one you already started, even if they closed it ---- if you write another message on it the ticket (message to customer service you sent) will open up again.

If you send a new ticket about a subject they get mad.


Thanks for helping me. I send another message on the same ticket as you said.:sweat:

Is this a bug? - 1 Review, 0 stars

You are most welcome! I hope you get that fixed soon. Let us know here if you don’t hear from them soon.


My problem is fixed :heart_eyes: thanks everyone.


I’m so happy to hear it!