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Reviews As Buyer


Hi, 3 days agoo, I buy promo video for my logo gig, and seller leave me a feedback. That feedback now is there under my gigs on my profile, I don’t want to be there, I’m seller, not buyer. How I can delete that feedback (if I can)?


You can’t - that’s how the feedback system works now.

You’re also a buyer. :wink:


You can contact with the buyer be politely when he/she is online.


I’m seller, I’m here for that purpose not as buyer. I buy something, and maybe in future I never buy something again, if you understand me. I don’t want that feedback stay on my profile, maybe some buyers think that I buy some images and than use the same for selling.


Unfortunately, you can not do that yourself. You may contact CS and request them to remove the feedback. Maybe, if you remove your feedback, his (seller’s) feedback will also go away.

In future, before rating a seller, you may request the seller to not give you any feedback in response.