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Reviews - cannot receive or leave review for a particular buyer

So I have this great client, he’s already purchased 3 gigs and will be submitting more, yay! However he cannot leave a review and I do not have the option on our order page to leave him one either.

I’ve emailed Customer Service but they’re very busy so in the meantime, has anyone else experienced this? Have I done something wrong in the settings? Am I missing a ‘button’?

I have other 2-way reviews with clients, so am thinking it’s something to do with this one client’s settings?

As a relatively new seller, I rely on the star ratings to get further gigs, or at least proving I’m worth it to prospective clients!

Thanks :slight_smile:


How do you know your buyer wants to submit a review, but can’t?

Have you discussed this with them? If you have initiated any type of conversation regarding a review with your buyer, mentally prepare yourself for a possible warning from Fiverr CS when they get to your ticket.


@frank_d thanks for responding, yes I have discussed it with my buyer - he states that he needs to change his profile to enable him to “leave me some great feedback” <-- his words not mine. So he’s been really happy with the work (he’s a repeat customer) but I don’t get the option to leave to feedback. I’m assuming that’s because he didn’t leave me a review in the first place?

And yes, I have studiously avoided using the trigger words in my messages so that Fiverr CS don’t think I’m touting for reviews :joy: - I would just like to understand why I don’t get the opportunity to leave a review for him, and why my reviews quantity therefore isn’t increasing.

As we know, the more positive reviews you get, the better the algorithm results for bringing you to the top of the search pile for future opportunities…

Yes - the buyer has to leave a review first, then you leave one, then you can see theirs and respond to it.

It’s quite possible he doesn’t want to leave a review, but is too polite to say so.

You should just leave them be.


That makes no sense.

Even if it did, you still shouldn’t mention reviews to your buyers.

That’s not really the case anymore.

Take it from someone who has over 7,000 5-star reviews.



Don’t ask your customers to give you a review. Fiverr will give you a warning as this is not allowed.

I have a regular customer who never gives me a review. It happens! I hear that it doesn’t affect your rating.

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I do wonder if buyers are getting confused by the “secret” review - they fill that one in and just skip the public one …


Just to reiterate, I am in no way asking my buyers to leave me a review. That option is there for them should they feel my services are review-worthy. I know that actively requesting a review is against Fiverr policies.

My question was simply that when I’ve bought stuff on Fiverr, as a buyer I get the option to review and hence garner a review from the seller to me as a buyer. I, as a seller this time, have positive messages and order acceptances from my buyer, but no reviews :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This leaves me with a 5 star rating still, however the number in brackets does not increase. Unless the number increases, as I understand it, Fiverr will not progress me to the next seller level.

Having a 5 star review with dingle digits buyers doesn’t give a true picture of the amount of satisfied customers.

I know, as a buyer, I like to see lots of reviews AND a good star rating :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indeed, it made no sense to me either, perhaps as @coerdelion stated, maybe he’s just too polite to say he doesn’t want to leave a review. Bizarre, but that’s his choice entirely.

And again, to re-state, I haven’t, won’t and don’t ask anyone to leave a review, I’d prefer to sink or swim based on my abilities and high levels of customer service. I avoid using any terms in messages or chats on FIverr that could be taken to be soliciting reviews in any form. Just so we’re clear :joy:


Thank you very much.