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As a regular seller of my voice-over services, I’m often interested in who the buyers are and where they are located etc. I’m also interested in seeing how they were assessed by previous sellers. I hardly ever have a problem buyer but sometimes you get just one or two who are a little too pushy and try to abuse the modification requests, considering the reasonable rates on offer. I’d like to know what other sellers thought of their buyers but I cannot ever see buyer reviews on their profiles whereas we as sellers have our reviews boldly visible on our pages. Thankfully, my reviews are overwhelmingly positive so I am pleased to have it this way…however I’d like to be able to assess some buyers before I send in my quote or offer as to how keen I’d be to work with them. I’m not sure how to do this or even if it’s possible. Any feedback welcomed. :slight_smile:

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You can get a rough idea of the reviews they’ve left by going to your favourite search engine and typing in username .

It won’t necessarily give you all the reviews they’ve left, but it might help! :slight_smile:

Thanks - so these would be reviews left by sellers about the buyers? - that’s what I’m looking for .

If you can find the review left by the buyer and the seller has responded, then yes, you’ll see that as well!

Revealing buyer’s reviews would be better in some way.
Yet, It is good not to see the review.
Like, the buyer doesn’t need to be an expert to order, they just need to pay and explain the requirements.
On the other hand, a seller must become the master of the particular services to accomplish the job.

What i think would be helpful is if we get a request form a buyer and we are not sure if they are great to work with or not, we could look at their profile page (just as they do ours) and see all the reviews left by sellers. Every time I get a review I return the favour to the buyer . Mine is visible on my page but the review i give to them is not visible on theirs :slight_smile:

yeah but I’d like to know if they were a decent client to work with and how other sellers found them to interact with. It’s not a big issue as mostly I find people to be decent and a pleasure to work with but every now and again you get one. I think it’s only fair that the peer review works both ways in this community. :wink:

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Not going to happen any time soon! Like when a certain auction website introduced the ‘no negative feedback for buyers’ rule. All you can do is to leave an appropriate reply when they leave their feedback, which is what you’re doing.

On the other hand, as a buyer, I wouldn’t expect a star rating to appear above the checkout at Tesco when I do my shopping! :grinning:

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yes but as a buyer at Tesco you always have the right to complain or get a refund :wink: As a seller, Tesco has huge protection in place to assist them with problem shoppers…my point is that as a community, it should work both ways…why do Fiverr ask me how i found it working with buyer X when it means nothing if my comments are not visible to others?

Got your point :smiley:
Moreover, that might sound fair :wink:
What will happen when buyer cancel an order because of amateur sellers lame service
and system place an auto negative review on that seller’s profile? :stuck_out_tongue:

That does happen if sellers don’t offer a good service. They get bad reviews… but if you as a seller are mistreated by a buyer and you try to offer up your side of the story, they don’t have that review visible on their profile to warn others of their abusive behaviour. Like I said, it’s only been one really bad case in my experience. :wink:

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But it’s not really a community - the forum is, but the main Fiverr website is a marketplace. I can totally see what you’re saying BTW!

There’s also the private seller feedback we don’t get to see, maybe sellers should be asked to leave private feedback on the buyers so CS get a better idea of who’s playing the game?

Thanks. So who ever gets to see the reviews we as sellers leave as a return compliment to our reviews? I wonder if CS even read them?

I’m sure CS read everything - if it’s going to be viewed by the world, it’s in their interests. :wink:

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I reckon you’re right. Well, I’d find it useful to see how others felt about some clients so if I could see if they were a bit difficult, I’d make my quote a lot higher to make the job worthwhile :wink: Danger pay :wink: Have a great day and thanks for the chat. Best, Tim

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No problem Tim - have a good one! :slight_smile:

Adding a private feedback option for a seller is an excellent idea.
I purchased something while ago and I was shcoked to see that private box.

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Just wanted to say, as a Scot, your Sean Connery is one of the best I’ve heard! Love it! :grinning:

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: That’s very kind ! Much appreciated!

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