Reviews : New Ranking System of Fiverr


Hi Fivarrians,

Just logged into my Account this morning after almost a week and got a notification regarding the update on seller level system.

For me personally, I’m impressed and loving this feature though i have one warning and would be demoted if i haven’t worked out it’s a good thing at least i’m aware of what i’m doing wrong and I also have a target to become a top rated seller as I’m having all things required to become a top rated seller except one “20K” all time earning.

What do you think about this New Seller Level System?

Ace Cool


It is really awesome :slight_smile: Great Update


Yes, I think also the new rating system is very nice.


It’s already discussed more time. You should check one of best topic with all of reply. from here Level Systems Update: What Fiverr Sellers Need to Know