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Reviews Not Showing Or Are Repeating Instead Of Showing All Reviews

Hello all,

I’d be happy for any input on this topic. Reviews on my gigs don’t seem to be working correctly. It shows that I have 14 reviews, however, when I scroll down and click “show more”, the same reviews show up again; as though the other positive reviews aren’t really there.

I can go back into the orders and see that the reviews are still on the completed orders, but they aren’t visible to me on the actual gig for sale. Example:

Does anyone else seem to be having this issue? I’m using Firefox on a Mac, operating system OS X 10.9.3.

Thanks much for any input!

Reply to @writingace: If you submitted a ticket all you can do is wait, they’ll get to it eventually :wink: .

Reply to @xpertmarketer: Thanks for the feedback; I’ve tried just about everything and always come up with the same issue.

I’ve submitted a ticket to CS and will post here if I get a response that offers a fix.

Reply to @accessgirl: Thanks; I’ve tried it in other browsers as well and agree that it doesn’t seem to be related to that or the operating system…I used my daughters PC to test it on there as well.

Not sure what to do from here…

I’ve noticed that too. I use Firefox/Windows 7.

Yep, me too. All repeated reviews. I’m in chrome on windows, I don’t think it’s a browser/os thing. It’s also that way in the app.

So I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the “Available Now” feature. And so did I manage to get 5 orders completed. However, for some reason, the 5th customers review doesn’t seem to show up on my profile. Any reason why? Is it because it’s processing something?

Your 5th review was only left 35 minutes ago - it can take a while for it all to update. :sunny:

No. That is my 4th review.

Right you are - did you get a message saying your 5th order had been left a review?

Again, it may take a while to update.

Yep! Oh I see. I was just wondering because, usually the review ends up asap in my profile. The final one didn’t seem to. Just a little worried :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just to confirm, I received my 5th review a few minutes ago. However, the Available Now feature doesn’t seem to appear. Would you know why?

It’s in beta - it’s not necessarily going to be available for everybody I’m afraid. It may just be that it’ll take a short while for it to update that as well - patience young Skywalker! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hahaha thank you! Kind of a newbie so trying to get as much as information I can from the community itself

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