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Reviews now showing by "period" (last 60 days)

Why fiverr why!?

Why show a gig with 500+ lifetime positive reviews, as having 54 (based on the past 60 days) - in listings?

Everything beneficial to long term high rated sellers, seems to be being diluted in some way.

Super annoying.:zipper_mouth_face:

To see the Lifetime 5 star rating, you have to hover your cursor over the 60 day rating to the left.


Maybe Fiverr wants to promote active sellers.

Who would you rather buy from… a seller with a 4.9 rating, and 62 sales over the past 60 days? Or a seller with a rating of 0.0, and 2 unrated sales in the last 60 days?

I don’t know about you, but I’d probably choose the seller who has proven himself to be of value, is busy and in demand, and has earned the praise of his buyers across all orders in the last two months. I’d want to hire someone who is a proven seller, not someone who sits around twiddling their thumbs, while waiting for someone else to make them successful.