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Reviews on My Fiverr Gigs

Hello Everyone

I have 3 gigs active on my Fiverr and got 4 reviews
So, If I delete all my 3 gigs and recreate and publish them again so those reviews will remove or not?

Recently I have seen a profile of a level 2 seller, He has 300+ reviews on his profile but Zero gigs so I want to know if I did the same then what happens?

Awaiting your assistance


The reviews will remain on your profile.


300+ reviews on his profile but Zero gigs

I look forward to a response from the moderator :astonished:

Yes zero gigs but 300+ reviews

Gigs could be deleted or simply paused. It’s not unusual.


Why? @lloydsolutions has worked on Fiverr for years and she knows how things work. Even if you delete all of your gigs and make new gigs your reviews stay.


If you want you can create new gigs after removing your old gigs. but the Remaining review still on your profile show. it won’t be removed until your account permanently deleted.

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