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I 've used Fiver for a couple of times and so far my experienced has been great until lately. The seller posted 2 days turn around time and then as soon as I hit employ this seller the turn around changed to 8 days. Needless to say I went with it hoping that it must be good. I was wrong. It was 4 days passed deadline and my material never got delivered., When I posted negative the seller responded and said she will send me the material as soon as I remove the negative comment.

Actually, I believe that by posting a review, you now can’t request either an order cancellation or order modification. But you have a window of I think it’s 3 days when you can change your review (hover your cursor over the review box area to see if the option to delete or change it shows up). If you do that and the seller still doesn’t send the completed work, rather than leave a negative review, I suggest requesting a mutual cancellation (by clicking on the “resolution center” link next to the order number). If the seller agrees to this, you’ll be credited with the amount you spent on the order. If the seller sends the work but it is not what you ordered, then ask for an order modification. This starts the countdown clock again. You can still request a cancellation if the work still doesn’t get delivered or isn’t what you ordered. Once you leave a review and the time period to change it passes, you have fewer options. If you’ve passed the time limit for making changes, then you have 10 days from when the order was completed to ask Customer Support to cancel the order for you (if it’s eligible to be cancelled). After that, there can be no cancellation.

You can read more about this in the Terms of Service which we all agree to when we sign up for membership on Fiverr.