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Reviews Problem- Buyer

I am Samiroul.
I am facing a very deep problem.
I have completed an order.
And Successfully submit.
But The buyer did not check the files.
Without checking he gave me negative reviews.
When I tell him to check very well and check my all files what I was put.
Then he checked and Pleased.
He wants to change the reviews.
But, I have faced a new problem.
First I was clicked the resolution center.
Then make a modification to change the reviews.
Also did.
I was falling in a problem.
Unfortunately, I made mistake.
I clicked somewhere.
But the clicked was made in the withdraw button.
I faced in the very deep problem.
Then, to find a solution I again go to the option in the resolutions center.
But, I did not saw the modification.
So, I am very tensed.
Please Help me.
I want to find a solution and want that Buyer can change the reviews.
I talked to the buyer,
He also agreed.
I am waiting for the support. strong text
Please Help me.
I will so pleased and grateful if I find the solution.

Kindly help me, Bro/Sis.

If you go into the resolution and ask for a review change it will do so. You can withdraw the mistake one you made and make a new one for the review where they can accept and fix

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Dont worry Samiroul,
This too shall pass,
There is a solution for this,
Tell your buyer to submit a ticket,
and ask support to enable him to edit the reivew.
They will allow him and he will be able to change the review.
Sis. strong text


How Can I do that?
Can you please show me.

Just go to your order. Click resolve now at the very top and click the request review change button and follow the instructions

There has no option to modification request,
Only have 1 topic

You can only ask for review modification once per order. Since you already asked, and made a mistake after that, you can no longer do it.

The only solution is to do what @saddu_writer said.


Is there any solution to make this problem fix?
I really want to get rid of this issue.
Please Help

You were already told what is the only solution. How many times do you need us to repeat the same thing?

Here it is again, please do read it and do as it says.


its like i am reading any poetry

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