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Reviews which can spoil personal reputation


I would consider this is a big joke. A client sent reply asking for some service, i couldn’t respond in time, he places a Order(before discussion). I sent reply asking the project details and further clarification before accepting the Order, unfortunately no response for 3 days and the Order is cancelled(automically the system) does…but the best part is, this guy posted a negative review for me. How in this world such crazy logic works, not sure if the technical guys have given a thought about this. I do not accept the job, it get cancelled and still you allow the client to place a feedback. Please advice guys, is this good going…thanks.


The review you are referring to states: “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”. This review was NOT left by the buyer. He had nothing to with the words of that review. You stated that the order was automatically cancelled by the system after three days. This happens when you don’t deliver orders. The system automatically cancelled your late order, and it is the system that left that review. That is the exact review that the system automatically posts for every seller that does not deliver their orders on time.


SUGGESTION: Next time - IF there is a next time - if they do not respond within one day, request “More Time” and ask for extra days, explaining that you don’t have the info you need. If THAT is not responded to within one day, request a cancellation or contact CS.