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Hello. My gig was bought from 4 customers but only 2 send a review and 2 not. I know that because reviews are very important on the start, so what I should do to get all of the reviews?


Buyers are allowed to leave a review if they wish, but they are not required to do so. My advice: just deliver great work that is worthy of a good review, and leave it at that. You’re not going to get reviews for all of the orders you deliver.


It is a good idea, when I am delivering the work to inform them to send a review if they are satisfied with it?


I just ask them to remember to give me a review so I can give them a review… That has worked for me and yes I do that when I send the order…Hope this helps you…


This just happens. Many buyers will not review you either because they forget, don’t care, don’t know how the system works or some other reason. If you get 50% of your buyers to leave you positive reviews, that’s actually a really good percentage!

I would do what redrose1 suggested. When you deliver your gig, Tell them to remember to review your work if they liked it or something along those lines.


You can always ask. But don’t beg. :slight_smile:


@jonbaas: Excellent suggestion.

*Now that they got rid of the vote up button. I guess we just have to say it!! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: