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Revise the Delivery Approval Prompt for Buyer

When a seller delivers a file I get a prompt:

Are you pleased with the delivery and ready to approve it?
Yes | No

This is poor design because these are two different questions which can have opposite answers.
Was I please with the delivery? Yes
Was I ready to approve it? No, because I had revisions.

I am very pleased with the seller and I have no idea how selecting “No” affects him. Fiverr should revise this to simply ask, “Are you ready to approve the order?”


Selecting “No” leads to the opportunity for you to request a revision from the seller.


Thank you for the reply. That’s good to know, but it’s certainly not clear in the way it’s presented. It should still be revised to a single question.


I guess the majority will agree with that
I had quite a few clients asking me what should they do because they are quite happy with a delivery but needed minor changes and really didn’t want to press “no” button


It’s very kind of you to be so considerate.

I agree that this is confusing and could be worded differently, like

Yes (click to continue to the option to leave feedback) | No (click to ask seller for a revision, please provide information as to what you would like revised)

(the latter bit would have an additional use, as some buyers simply click and ask for a revision without telling the seller what they want revised, just to keep the order open)