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Revising Fiverr Levels: A Few Suggestions


I think most of you guys are missing the point here: I am not lamenting the lack of orders. I do this both on and off of Fiverr, the occasional 3/4 larger projects (plus direct assignments from other clients) give me plenty to do already.

What I meant was that Fiverr should probably rethink its own system. As some of you mentioned, larger orders weren’t a thing back in the day; you were sort of forced to do multiple smaller ones. Things have changed, though…

As for those who said we should aim for more 5 USD gigs, I’d invite you to check out my answer to that guy who complained about being charged 40 bucks for a logo. I am a professional, just like many others on this site. Why should underselling one’s products and skills be the only way to progress? Seems rather counter-productive to me!


Guessing that would have still been a valid opinion, as long as I expressed and explained it objectively :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But nah, you guys are actually pretty useful! :smile:


Because for newcomers it is very competitive and they need some reviews to get bigger orders.


@misscrystal is right. New people can’t image what it was like. I remember when gig extras were introduced. There was a work around with the multiple gig order, but that was real limited until you reached level one or maybe level 2.

If I remember right, back in the day, if some one ordered 10 - $5 gigs and they cancelled, or gave you a “Thumbs down” it counted as 10 bad orders. So I was hesitant to take that route. I would literally break their job into individual deliveries. For instance, if the job was 400 words, I set the first gig up for 100 words and delivered the first part, got a review and then started a new order for the next 100 words. etc.


I see, thanks, and I can imagine that working for a 400 word job…not so much if you get a 50K words job though, I had to break one up in 2 orders because I couldn´t quote the whole price as level 0 seller, but the buyer would rather have had it all in one and thankfully my level and price limit was high enough I could quote him the whole sum and didn´t have to split the order for his next order, I can´t imagine he´d have been overjoyed if he´d have had to split 50K words up into 5$ gigs… :eyes: :slight_smile: I don´t know, maybe buyers with such projects just did go to level 2 sellers right away then probably.


Still… Monetary gain really isn’t a problem… A 2000 words gig quoted at 5 USD takes the same amount of time one at 40/50 USD would!


When any business has a grand opening they flood it with discounts and freebies to create a faster launch.

This was my method when I started. Can I quote myself from a couple of years ago?

After the process I eventually reached over 60k in sales and became a TRS. If I had never got off the ground like many on Fiverr I would have not made any money at all.

I get a badge for quoting myself? That is just not right.:slight_smile:


BTW - I’ve had some large orders and because the buyer wanted me to do them, they were fine if we did multiple orders IF I sent them the custom orders.

I told them to paste in the same script every time, so in other words I made it easy to break it all up.

Larger orders have potential for cancellation after you’ve done days of work. While I understand the buyers may not want to place lots of orders, I’ve had no issues with it after I made it easy with the custom orders. YMMV.

Not sure it would work for everybody, but certainly worth a discussion for repeat clients. They know you, they like you, most will do a little more IF we make it easy.

We also get some protection in case they decide to cancel after we deliver… In my case they are accepting before I do the next phase. I feel far better about it than having an all or nothing at the end.

If I’m missing something they want, I can adjust and give them more value along the way, with less rework after the fact.


Totally makes sense. I have a hard time with new customer and large orders. I would much rather do part of the job and make sure we are on the same page before we order $300 worth of stuff. I offer a 100% guarantee and breaking it up for those first time buyers will make sense to them if you explain it well.

I had a first time buyer during the first week of a new gig. He needed 50 orders processed. That had potential to hose my new gig. I setup 1 order, then 5 orders, then 10 order. I explained the process and the fact that we would still be able to deliver all of them in 3-4 days. Just let them know you are wanting to make sure you are providing exactly what they need. “Let’s do 1 order and after the review, we can start a new order.” It worked well.

Like @lisabaarns said, it gives you an opportunity to tweak what they need as you go with less revisions.



That is awesome! I feel the love!


Right on! I did something similar. At first I was far cheaper, gave away some extras for the first 100 orders.

Now I’m not even close to you (only 1,500 gigs so far) but I’m not the cheap choice, but I’m an excellent value and have the social proof (enough sales) to be a safe choice.

I also had enough experience in my category long before Fiverr, so I had additional demos/proof that I was worth the additional investment.

If more people understood your mindset, more would succeed on Fiverr AND in business in general. The startup phase (6-12 months AT LEAST) is lots of work with far less return, sometimes a fraction of the value.

If you get enough momentum, THEN you can earn decent money, because you have the social trust.

Hats off to you! You’re inspiring!


Hats off to you also.


One thing that came to my mind. Look at my reviews. The system for leveling appears to be/was a bit buggy. In my advantage. I started Fiverr in early 2014, did some work over the course of a year. Exactly 49 gigs and ended as a level one.

I took a break for one year or so, and the first order after my break made my a level 2 seller. Now, I have done 40 orders since last June and I am still a level 2 seller. :slight_smile:

So maybe it works a bit more like you suggest, except that you still need the fifty orders.


@landongrace once again: that marketing strategy is perfect if you wish Fiverr to be your main source for customers. The scope of this post wasn’t to discuss how to get more orders; plenty of other guides for that.

Personally, I’d rather not use someone else’s company as the foundation for my own activities… Why so? 'Cause I’ve seen other companies, in the past, being swiped away by competitors at a moment’s notice. Might be overly cautious, but still…

Point is: if your business exists elsewhere, your proposed 100 25$ gigs at 5$ are simply plenty of time and effort going to waste. Still, you should be able to access the full package once you prove that you can get some money in.

@mjakkerman that, I wouldn’t know! Perhaps in a couple of weeks, once my 50th order is complete, I will come back and edit this post! :slight_smile:


[details= OT Lisa]Thanks Lisa,
by far most of my orders are custom orders anyway though, it’s not that, I just try to make the process so that it suits the buyer. If a buyer is fine with doing chapters, that’s great for me, but i don’t want to ask especially return buyers to split their books you into chapters, when they clearly prefer to just drop the whole book and only return to pick it up once done.
Your approach makes sense of course, but yes, YMMV.
I know it makes sense to split large orders up anyway because reasons anyway, but we discussed that side in other discussions and again, generally yes, but I might not want to risk losing a client who prefers 1 big order and only log in and only accept, check, rate etc 1 order. YMMV may vary here too.
Maybe aiming at compromises in the long run.
Thanks for your view and tips, always good to see how others see and do things.
Hiding this a bit, not really off topic but i don’t want to high jack this, thread too much. :slight_smile: [/details]


I had been providing audio and video services as a freelancer for 20 years before I started Fiverr. I saw fiverr as an additional leg of income. I was able to add the fiverr income as an additional income stream. It raised my monthly income between 30-50%. I started out just wanting Fiverr orders to provide an extra $500 a month for some breathing room. Now Fiverr pays my bills and the rest of my outside production is extra. For me the initial 100 $25 orders that I discounted and sold for $5, launched my account on Fiverr. I needed a pile of completed orders and I pile of reviews. That is what the fiverr search engine algorithms are looking for. Completing the 50 orders quickly helps your account in the same way.

Today I thrive off of 75 repeat customers ordering $5-$25 orders weekly. About 20% of my fiverr business is new orders coming from the fiverr search. I average $50-$100 per hour on fiverr. I say this to help people understand even though the orders are $5 and $10s. Fiverr out performers my commercial production studio often from an hourly income perspective. Especially when I consider the cost of renting commercial space, utilities, etc.

In the beginning i was fearful of getting a lot of orders, because I felt like I could only make a cut rate on Fiverr. So the more orders I took, the more money I lost. I saw a story on fiverr of a person that made $100,000 on fiverr. My mindset shifted and I new I could design my account on fiverr to out perform what I was doing outside of fiverr. I hope this encourages you.

The only path I know that works is discounting so you will get 100 orders fast (on a single gig). Getting to level 2. I transitioned out of the discounts easily. There were some clients that stayed. There were a host of new customers that I didn’t meet until I was level 2. Even though I am now trs, my largest monthly sales were at level 2. So there is nothing holding anyone back. Even if you gave 100 $5 GIGS away, it still is worth the $500 investment.

So everyone get your 50 orders in 60 days so you will earn your level 2 badge. it is more about the number of orders, not the dollar amount of your sales.

If you are new and only have 1 sale and it was for $2000.00. None of your potential customers can see what the dollar amount of the sale was. They only see that you have only 1 review. You need about 60 reviews on a single gig offer to get things moving here. That will take about 100 deliveries on one of your gig offers.


All good. I didn’t want to high jack the thread either, but since the topic is about suggestions, I thought our side discussion makes sense, especially since @landongrace mentioned it was part of his path to success, having lots of gigs in the early stages at a reduced price, and large orders can be broken down too.

You are right that a few clients won’t go for a break down, and prefer one delivery. In my experience, if they want me they will be OK with the multiple order if I bring that up at the END of the discussions, after we have agreed on everything else.

The reason is by that point we have a working relationship. They have asked questions, I’ve asked questions, we’ve gone back and forth over 20 details on a larger order.

SO… They are more open to minor tweaks (like me suggesting we break it up), because they have some investment in our process. If they say no, they get to start over with another provider. That’s a loss for both of us.

I do understand that some buyers prefer one delivery, but if they are that rigid, I probably won’t work with them. (I’m NOT saying someone else should make that same decision. YOU decide the terms you work on.)

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for multiple order IF I do the work to break up the custom orders. Plus I sell them on the benefits of getting something early so they can provide feedback. That will NOT work for everybody, or every situation, but that’s my overall principle.


PS: I love what you did with the “Hide Details” option in the previous post. I had never noticed that option before but it is great. After seeing your message I explored and found it in the gear icon.

THANK YOU for using it! Now I learned something else too about the forum too, and will steal that idea for future posts.


Such GREAT advice! Excellent wisdom based on extensive experience.


all this time i just watch and learn and what i realized it is the chat(communication and sending custom offers)
for make better sales and raising fiverr levels