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Revising work so as to get it LATE and cancel it?

Hi ! a questions please,

Clients very often ask for revision when the time has passed ( I know fiverr gives 24hours for the revision ) but when clients revise when even the 24hours has passed, Scammer buyers use this, they get the order to be late so they can cancel it and get the work for free ?

any solution ? happened to any one of you ?

How can customer support help in this situation, because Scammer buyers will obviously refuse time requests

thank you for your answers


Better talk to Fiverr Customer Service

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Happens to me all the time

Fiverr rules apply across all types of gigs. My gigs often give rise to comments for minor changes which I am quite happy to do. Mostly they are changes because the buyer has seen the gig and now sees something different. So because I try and over deliver and make buyers happy, I am penalized. I have suggested to Fiverr that level 2 sellers should be able to say ‘this gig is late, but it is no one’s fault as we are still discussing details’ but they do not want to do this.

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There is no solution needed, it works just fine :slight_smile:
You have to deliver before the deadline. Any revision after delivery won’t affect your order completion rate and it’s definitely not a valid reason for cancellation. Revisions are done AFTER delivery by design so the deadline doesn’t matter.

That LATE message you see - you can ignore it. It doesn’t mean anything.


Have you noticed any practical limitations for how long an order can remain in revision status? It doesn’t count toward the completion rate, but I would image you can’t – and certainly shouldn’t – leave an order in revision indefinitely.


My longest revision lasted 3.5 months. Buyer had trouble getting the content, but I had plenty of other projects so I didn’t mind. Besides, I figured if I push too hard he might cancel all together.
Despite that, my completion rate has never been less than 100%.

Although, I agree with Jon that you should not leave orders in this limbo state. You won’t get paid until the order is delivered and there is a chance that the buyer might cancel it if the revision is waiting after you.
I usually do all my revisions within 2-3 days depending on the request, but if the delay is on the client’s side I tend to give them a bit more leeway. That 3.5 months case was an exception :wink:


The order can be in revision indefinitely. :no_mouth:

Here’s CS’s response about that.


Oh, my. That’s definitely an exception to the case… and seems to answer my question rather well. :wink:

Do you know if this functions the same as a late order, where the buyer can force-cancel of an order goes too late (and the seller receives an automatic 1-star “this order was not delivered on time” review)? Or are you referring to a buyer asking for a refund that you, as the seller, still have to agree to?

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That’s a good question. I don’t recall if there’s a special button for it if it’s in revision state. You can ask for cancellation through resolution center, but yes, a seller will have a chance to agree or disagree.

I doubt that Fiverr would be stupid enough to promote cancellation in revision state, but you never know :smiley:
I’ll check it next time I order something and it goes to revision.

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That would be great! Feel free to share here if you find out anything of interest.

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Where can I read this please ?

and about No cancellation needed, I’m talking about the scammer buyers. once the order is very late the buyers have the option to simply click cancel. So they get it very late on purpose and simply click cancel. Bam, free delivery

the completion rate is the balance between completed and canceled orders. So a late order simply counts as completed and will not affect completion rate, but I suppose it will take a hit on the ranking/listing of the gig

the cancel button only is available when the order is very late not simply in revision state

I’m possibly misunderstanding this - apologies if that’s the case.

Are you talking about two different things please?
Yes, buyers can cancel if an order goes very late - solution - deliver on time. Buyers can’t make an order ‘very late’ by asking for revisions if it was delivered on time.

Orders which get a revision request don’t go late if they were initially delivered on time, even though the big banner at the top of the page says it is (yes, it’s confusing). These can’t be cancelled in the same way as orders which were genuinely delivered late (first delivery).


That sounds good, does it hurt the listing/ranking of the gig when it’s Late due to revisions ( delivered on time ) ?

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It shouldn’t do, but who knows? :slightly_smiling_face:

i did read that when it’s marked Late, your Response time takes the hit … and will eventually translate to Ranking and listing of your account

Why not ask CS and get a definitive answer - you could post it here so we all know! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve also had one for 1 month in revision. Buyer asked me to wait until he gets info for new logo concept, since we agreed to do a new one. I gave him his time and closed that project succesfully. Got a 5* review and it came out well.
It pays off when you communicate nicely with your client. Rushing them is not good in any case.

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