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Revision After 2.5 month of order completion

On 16 April order was auto completed by fiverr client did not make any review on that time . Now on 3 July client want revision or change in work .
What should i do.?
is he still able to make any review.?

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He’s not able to leave a review after 10 days have passed.

If you don’t have unlimited revisions, I would ignore him (unless it’s something really simple he wants changed). But if you do have unlimited revisions you have to, because he can complain to CS.

it was unlimited revisions.

Then my advice is to do what he wants… and remove unlimited revisions immediately, unless you want this to happen again.

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As order is already mark as completed 2.5 month ago. how i can remove unlimited revisions?. he is unable to make revision request after order completion.

No, I mean for future orders. This one you will have to do what he wants, because there have many cases of buyers who complained to CS about not being 100% satisfied and if the sellers had unlimited revisions, CS sided with them, cancelling the orders and refunding the money.

That’s why having unlimited revisions is a very bad decision.

PS - you can ignore the guy but don’t be surprised if the order is cancelled by CS in a few days. Or, he can give up and go away. You have no way of knowing.

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Got it. thanks for the guidance

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