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Revision after deadline

Hello Fiverrmates
A buyer requested revision from me after the deadline so my clock now shows I am late. It now shows I am 2 days late.

So here are some questions-

  1. Should I send a request to extend the deadline?
  2. Even if I send him that req he is late at responding, so my clock will keep on going, will that affect my profile?
  3. Does late delivery or very late delivery or fiverr automatically putting negative reviews, these rules also apply in this case?

PS: I would really appreciate if you guys respond to this request and advice since you guys are professional and been here longer.
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Once a gig is delivered, the timer means nothing. It doesn’t matter if it shows late or not, that only applies to the initial delivery.

Fiverr should have fixed that a LONG time ago, no idea why they keep giant “LATE” letters when they don’t mean anything. It would be a trivial fix and would cost them nothing to implement, could be done in 5 minutes. “If order is delivered, change timer to display ‘under revision’”. Done. But apparently they just don’t care. Which is kinda worrisome, this is no longer a small startup, it’s a company with a market cap over 5 billion. They need to start getting their s*** together, for real. Having your interface lie to the user is not acceptable.

Granted, once you know how it works it doesn’t matter, you can just ignore it. But, as a matter of principle, it’s just wrong. Don’t show late if it won’t count as late.


That’s true, at the same time other freelancing site are way ahead in UI.
Anyway I got my answer. I guess I will just wait for him. That big red ##LATE## looks like a joke now. Thanks mate.

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