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Revision after order completed?

I’m a translator. I had a customer recently that demanded a revision almost a month after order has been completed. She said her client was not satisfied. I checked the document, notice there’s nothing to correct (the client left comments such as "perfect? " and questions such as “where is this and this translation” - the translation was right.there). I told the buyer that everything was fine and I found no errors. She insisted on it and after I told her no, she left a 1 star review on another, more recent order…

This buyer also continuously haggled and demanded competitive price - I translate for $0.01 per word. I caved in and charged her much less on every order, because I was desperate for work. I did over 16k words for her and dumped in hours of work, for her to call my work pathetic.

I’m sorry for the rant, but is this okay? Can a buyer demand revision after completed order?

Thank you for reading

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I’ve had a buyer do that exact same thing - leaving an unjust review on a new order because I wouldn’t change something on an old one. Luckily, CS reviewed it and removed it from my profile (but this was years ago). I’m not sure if CS would give you a warning for asking to remove it or not.

It doesn’t seem that you offer revisions on your gig, so technically you don’t have to provide revisions for orders if you don’t want to. Either way, it sounds like you should block them so they can’t purchase from you again.


Thank you for sharing , I’m scared to write to CS because I heard how unsupportive they can be towards sellers :confused:

They’ve just been swamped lately by messages about all the issues with gig views and whatnot. If you have a real problem, CS does get back with you. It may take 24-48 hours though.

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Yes, especially because you offer unlimited revisions.

If you’re willing to give your buyers free revisions, may I suggest you set a limited amount of them. I’m also a translator and only offer 1 revision, but it’s rare someone asking for it.


The person who’s hired you is a reseller. I personally don’t work with resellers. This would be one of the reasons why.

You provide unlimited revisions. Don’t. Unlimited revisions attract unpleasant individuals like the one you got. In case the situation gets escalated to Customer Support they may conclude that “unlimited” means “forever” and you’ll get yourself into even more trouble.

I’m very sorry about your situation but if you sell your services purely out of desperation, you might expose yourself to unfortunate situations like this one.


You really need to contact CS. They don’t give you warnings for asking them for help… only if you ask the buyer to change the review, for example.

They gave you a 1 star rating as a revenge for an older order, so CS should take your side. That’s disgusting.

The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t remove the review. Good luck!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve read some more posts about people saying unlimited revisions are a bad idea. I’ll definitely take that off my gig.

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… that is very debatable. There are multiple posts on the forum with people claiming that this is exactly what happened to them.

But I probably would contact CS in this case if I was getting harassed. With screenshots of the said harassment. And with screenshots of the buyer approving/commenting positively on the order that was slapped with 1* (if there are any).

I’m don’t know if resellers comment on the delivery in any way or if they just leave a review when the end customer approves it.


You’re most welcom, @tjasha123! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, to offer unlimited revisions is never a good idea. :wink:


Thank you. Yeah, I’ve been too much of a pushover. These people also always say they’re on a budget or ask for competitive prices…

Most of what you’ve heard is likely from impatient (or demanding) sellers who haven’t received the answers THEY wanted from CS. CS is often quite busy, but they are helpful, supportive and kind to those who treat them the same way.


Thank you. I was thinking of just sucking it up and doing the best work I can.


Good luck. I can see that you have another order in your queue. Hopefully, it’ll help with the overall rating.


Supportive and kind, mostly. But helpful is 50-50. Sometimes everything seems to be “out of their hands”, sometimes it doesn’t, even when we are talking about a similar situation. It’s very hit and miss.


True. Sometimes this can be the case too. But it isn’t necessarily their fault when it is either.

For example, an unhappy person on the street could demand that I make it rain, but I just don’t have that authority. In a similar way, Fiverr just can’t always do what is demanded of them, or what certain sellers think they are entitled to. It isn’t within their authority. That doesn’t make them rude or unhelpful (to those who often claim they are), it just means their hands are tied.

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What I was referring to is that the same exact thing sometimes is in their hands… sometimes not. It’s not consistent.

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.Thanks :slight_smile: though he’s a repeat buyer that already left a review