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Revision and Delivery Order

Been selling on fiverr for more than a year now and here is my working procedure:

Client made order which comes with a revision, I do the work and deliver order. That means the order is completed. Client needs a revision so I get a notification of “your delivery is declined” (something along those lines). Then I make the amendment and deliver again. Then order is considered completed again. Client can further communicate with me and ask for revision (chargeable or not).

This has been going pretty well until recently my work is accepted but the feedback didn’t turn out to be 5stars. And those comments can be avoided if they asked about it. In fact, my delivery message always mention that should they encounter any problem, let me know.

So recently I changed my procedure to this but it leaves me rather insecure;

Client made order, I send work as attachment instead of deliver order. Client asks for revision, I make adjustment and send as attachment again. When number of revision is up, delivery order can be made officially.

Have I been doing the wrong way all this time? It’s also an disappointment when I get “Client request for a modification” because I always try to do well in every job that I deliver, but it seems as though that can’t be avoided.