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Revision are always unlimited how do you work with that?

hello forum,

as you guys know the buyer will always get unlimited revisions no matter what number of revisions you set. meaning the buyer can click the revisions button as many times as he’d like.

so the question is natural, do you guys even set a limited number of revisions to the client ? is that even necessary ?

if you do how do you make the client not use his “power” to click the revision button passed the set number ?

Thanks for your answers


Revisions are NOT always unlimited.
I offer a limited number of revisions on all my gigs.
Should there be a time where a client request revisions outside the agreed upon number, I don’t do it for free.
While there is no “deny revision request” button, it’s up to you, the seller to accept the request or not.
I’ve redelivered the same project multiple times when a buyer would continue to request changes beyond the agreed upon amount.
Conversely , I’ve explained that we agreed to “X” number of revisions, and I’ve done that. I’m in compliance. Should they want or need an additional revision I send a revision gig extra.

I belive it begins in the communication between buyer and seller, the way your gig describes revisions and your ability to stand fast to the set amount.

The buyer clicking the revision button isn’t the issue. The issue is sellers doing revisions beyond whats agreed upon. Simply put: They can ask, you don’t have to agree.


I include 3 revisions with all my gigs. It’s very rare that more than 3 revisions are needed anyway.

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For me reversions are unlimited BUT only when I am the one at fault, if the buyer told me to add a blue color then I added green, I will happily change that without charging extra… In the case where a buyer wanted blue then later wants green I will charge extra for that although it depends on my mood and how the buyer approaches me with the reversion

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I have been told by CS that reuploading the same thing when the client already refused it ( asked for revision ) is totally against Fiverr TOS and if the buyer goes to CS you can get a strike for that

it’s very similar to delivering empty delivery … I’m afraid that redelivering the same thing I can’t do that ^^

what if the buyer refuses a gig extra than the order is going to be cancelled … that’s the stress part and you have the choice to make the extra revisions for free or get the order cancelled … no pay and waist of time and effort

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Raise Your Standard Gig Rate !
Upsell Your Service , KEEP your service away from cheap buyers !

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If I have to cancel after delivery (it’s very rare, but it did happen a few times), I block the buyer and never work with them again.

If you offer unlimited revisions, CS will always side with the buyer who keeps demanding new changes. If the order is marked as completed and the buyer comes back after 2 years and demands more revisions, CS will tell you that you have to do them, becuase you offer unlimited revisions.

If you offer, say, 2 revisions, and buyer demands more, after you revise for the 3rd time, you can politely inform the buyer that you only offer 2 revisions, but for them you did 3, and if they need more, it will cost them extra. You can also remind the buyer that abusing the revision button to get more than paid for is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.