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Revision + Extra service = Late delivery

Hi, I just wanted to point at a problematic situation that occurred to me unexpectedly.

  1. delivered work ahead of schedule (the order had 4 days to be completed)
  2. client requested a revision
  3. delivered revised soon afterwards
  4. another revision requested
    5 second revision delivered (still within the 4-days total delivery time)
  5. offered an extra to client with 1-day extra delivery time
  6. client didn’t accept the extra offer immediately - so I waited, thinking I still had time because the initial delivery was still in the process of being accepted/rejected and, second, the extra offer has not be yet accepted (why deliver something when it is not yet clear whether the customer agrees to it?)
  7. client accepted the extra service - this was the day when the delivery, together with the extra, was due
  8. within an hour of his acceptance, I got the notification that the order was LATE (lowering my completed orders stats).
  9. customer support says I should have extended the delivery time. The problem is, I had my work ready, so I could have delivered any time. But I didn’t know that after making an extra offer the total delivery time continues - regardless of the fact that the initial delivery was on time and regardless of whether the client has accepted this new offer or not.

I am not sure whether this happened because of an unfortunate constellation of circumstances (5 days total delivery and client responding on the fifth day), but I’ll extra careful now with offering any extras during the duration of an active order.

Just wanted to point at this situation since I couldn’t find reports of similar occurrences here on this excellent forum. Thanks.


I thought the clock stopped once you delivered an order.
I recently delivered a gig on time. However, it took about another 2 weeks of the buyer and I to proceed with the revisions (long story). I delivered it way past the original due date, and I never got dinged for a late delivery.


This is a known issue.

If the order is under modification, the “late” text is false and does not count against your stats.

If however an order is delivered and you add a gig extra, which your buyer accepts, then the system adds the “additional time” value of said extra to the overall counter. if the counter is way past delivery date, then the system counts this as a late delivery.

the only way to counter this, is to add as many days as possible to the additional offer. (more days than days passed since activation + days passed since delivery)


Hi vapeskorea,

yes, I also thought that if the first delivery is on time, the order cannot be marked as a late delivery, ever. And maybe it is like this for uncomplicated orders with revisions.

What is strange is that if you offer of an extra service - whether the client accepts it or not - the system “overrides” any previous deliveries and delivery times within the same order. (If I understand this correctly.)

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You’re right. The only solution is making the deadline for custom offers as long as possible.

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again for clarification:

this is just for when we need to send an additional “gig extra” after an order has been delivered.

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Yes, I understand.

I couldn’t have imagined that the system would disregard the buyer’s of acceptance (or lack of) of the extra service when calculating the new delivery deadline.

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Still a problem, two years later…

This just happened to me, so now three years in and no bug fix.
A client requested additional work for an existing open order. I had already delivered (on time) the original order. I made an extra services offer, specifying additional charges and additional time to complete. The deadline clock SHOULD have updated when the client accepted the offer, but did not, and now I’m looking at “missed delivery”, “late”, and “delivery past due” notifications.
I don’t yet know how this is going to affect my analytics.

OK, replying to my own post here. Maybe this isn’t a bug per-se, but is just clumsy programing.
I just found in Help Center > Sellers > Order Management > Seller Order Management > Offering Extra Services Within An Active Order:

  • If the offer is accepted, the order duration will update accordingly.
  • Keep in mind the days are added to the original delivery date, not the current date.
  • If the order was already delivered and the buyer purchases the custom Extras, the order’s status will change back to “in progress,” meaning you have to meet the original delivery date again.
    IMHO, the days added should be from the current date as that is far more intuitive and what most people would expect, but one doesn’t expect intuition from coders.
    I still don’t know how to fix this or how it will affect my analytics, but, once again, my bad. I should’ve been better informed.

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