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Revision for more $?

I’m new to fiverr. My buyer would like a revision in a different style of music. They said they would pay an extra $20 for it, is this automatically backed up through fiverr? I’m not sure how to go about this? Please let me know, thank you.

When you create a gig, you get an option to select how much free revisions will you provide. There’s one more feature called gig extras where you can add paid revisions.

You can put these stuff in pricing section by clicking edit gig.

Thank you for the reply,

I left this part out sorry: They were completely happy with the original piece of music i gave them, they just didnt give any guidelines of what they wanted, and they happened to like what I gave them. However they want an additional option for their video. So for that reason they chose revision as another choice for their video for additional money, even though they have 2 revisions from my post. So for that reason I’m a little confused on what to do.

You decided to give 2 free revisions before they purchased it right? If that’s true then you should give them free revisions. If they like your work after revision they might wanna give you tip. (If they know about tip feature)


That’s right, I see. Thank you!

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There is an option at the bottom of your order message board where you can offer additional services (offer more extras) to an active order.

Just click on the link and it will allow you to add the $20 fee there for your buyer to approve of and send back to you.

Hope that helps


Thank you! That helps!

After the free revisions, send a custom offer in the order page.