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Revision limits

Why doesn’t Fiverr enforce the revision limits in gigs? I had a recent buy purchase my cheapest gig package and ask for 5 revisions (I allow 2 revisions only). Eventually I had to just cut them off, it was getting out of hand.

Seems like a missed opportunity for Fiverr to benefit from revision limits, too. Buyers have no incentive to purchase additional revisions when they get them for free.

Why not just have the system disable revision requests once the limit is reached, or prompt the buyer to purchase additional revisions? Win-win for all of us, Fiverr included.


I agree, they should really enforce the revision limits defined in the gig.
Though the system doesn’t really distinguish between different types of revisions, like small design changes that fall within the original requirements (like after seeing it they want to re-position something or change the colour) and deliveries that don’t match what was originally asked for or maybe have a spelling mistake added by the seller (that wasn’t like that in the requirements).

ie. if it doesn’t match what was originally asked for I assume that Fiverr wants to allow the buyer to still click to request revisions. But if it’s for subjective things (like “can this be re-positioned”) they should really stick to the specified revision counts. Though really the number of specified revisions doesn’t stop them asking for many things to be changed in per revision, and the revisions don’t take into account how easy some things might be able to be changed.

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Unfortunately, I see this as the kind of thing that will probably always be up to the seller and buyer, collectively. If Fiverr ever has to step in, they’ll almost always (maybe literally always) side with the buyer.

In addition to that, the fact that we get penalized for cancelled orders, regardless of the reason, means we have all the incentive in the world to not let it happen. Which is why the revision limit thing will probably always be more of a ‘soft guideline’, than anything else.

I generally have pretty good luck with it - most people aren’t unreasonable. I did however, have a client a few months back who would hit the revision button every time he wanted to send me a message. Didn’t need a revision - just wanted to send me a message.
After explaining to him several times (in painstaking detail) just why this wasn’t necessary, I eventually had to just tell him in all caps to stop doing it.

He did, thank goodness, but I took a big chance there. :wink:

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Yeah, I agree. But at the end of the day, most Sellers will end up exceeding the amount of their stated revisions if it comes to it. The fact that 5 star reviews are so important, no cancelled orders, as is the potential for repeat customers, it’ll take the average seller a bit to stamp their feet firmly in the ground.