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Revision Limits?

I had a client who ordered something for me with 2 revisions. She used both revisions and then continued to order 2 additional revisions after that asking for tiny changes. I was happy to adjust her work for her more until she was happy, but I’m confused as to how Fiverr allowed her to request revisions past the limit without charging her extra. Does anyone know what happened here?


Fiverr didn’t add any code to prevent them from doing it.


Then what’s the point of having a limit on revisions? If they ask for additional free revisions past the limit it forces me to revise before my order can be completed.


I agree. They should either add code to prevent them adding revisions past the limit you’ve placed and/or specify (in some help page/policy/TOS) exactly what a seller should do when it happens and prevent buyers abusing the revision button.

I assume they let them in case of maybe corrections/small requests that a seller may be okay to do. eg. if I deliver something that has spelling error and they’ve no more free revisions that could be an issue eg. that delivery might be unusable with an obvious spelling mistake if it isn’t fixed (and in that case most people would probably be okay with fixing something like that).

But Fiverr should do something about it and there should be something to prevent them asking for endless revisions if a set amount has been specified.


Yeah, I agree. Thanks for the input. I usually don’t mind revising until the client is happy, I just don’t want to end up in a situation where I am doing hours of extra work without getting paid for it.


You should write something like this.

“I apologize, but you have exceeded your revision requests, and I’m unable to make more revisions. I can however offer you a custom offer for $X for X additional revisions if you want, but first we have to close this order.”

If she requests more revisions, just keep denying them. Ask customer service to close the order. If CS refuses, you’ll have no choice but to refund the order, and block her and report her. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

You can also suggest another seller that might help her.


Okay thank you for your help! I will definitely use that in the future.


I think most of the time, most reasonable sellers will accept the limits given on the gig/gig packages and not go above them. At least for me, I don’t think they’ve ever gone over the number of free revisions I specified (I’ve had someone purchase an extra revision). So most of the time it won’t be an issue I think.

If they go well over the limit you could maybe contact CS about it. Maybe they’ll speak to the buyer or you could cancel and then maybe block the user if you wanted (eg. if they asked for way more free revisions than you allow).


While I agree that CS should probably be contacted depending on how many revisions are being asked for/how unreasonable, see this link:

In the above case CS didn’t solve it for the seller. edit: ie. they can’t force the buyer to accept it if they’re not happy and they say to draw up a list of work that has been completed and show that it matches the requirements, but they don’t say they can prevent the buyer from keeping asking for more revisions.


That’s why I didn’t contact CS because I’ve heard that they don’t usually end up solving anything most of the time. It honestly would be easier if Fiverr just prevented a buyer from asking for additional revisions unless they are going to pay for it. Personally, I can be pretty flexible with revisions, so it doesn’t bother me too much unless the client goes overboard with it…in which case I would just offer them additional revisions if they are willing to pay for it.


You can request an additional payment for more, or you can politely tell them the limit has been reached.


Also if the buyer refuses to pay extra for the revision(s) but keeps asking for free revisions (using those options) over the amount offered by the gig/package, the seller would need to be careful how they handle it because in the above link the seller was given a warning (not the buyer who was abusing the revisions option) for “spamming the delivery button”. I don’t know if the same work was re-attached or not but it’s risky for the seller.


They also left them in case that something is wrong with the file(s) sent. Plus there are sellers who deliver work with mistakes on purpose, forcing the buyer to use up all the revisions.


But there should still be an option that prevents the buyer continuously asking for free revisions above the amount specified where it isn’t to fix errors/other issues with delivery, ie. something to stop the buyer from keeping asking for brand new changes. Like having a button the seller could press like “revisions requested past limit - work is not a correction/fix” etc.

Maybe it could take into account “mistakes on purpose” - eg. the button could appear 1 or 2 (or some other amount of) revisions after the limit set (or after a certain percentage of the purchased number of free revisions).


People aren’t always happy with what CS has to say, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore that important resource. I once had a buyer who refused my refund requests, because he was angry, and wanted to punish me by leaving a horrible review (he told me). After endless arguing, I contacted CS, they closed the order for me.

My advice when contacting CS is be brief and to the point. Don’t ramble, don’t ask more than one question (if you have questions). You can always ask additional questions in future replies.


@fastcopywriter - what do you mean by "close the order "?

CS have always said they can’t force a buyer to accept an order… and that cancellation is the only option other than the buyer accepting the order or autocompletion.

It would be helpful if you could explain what “close the order” means …


I assume by “closed the order” he means cancelled it? But that still doesn’t get the seller paid for everything they’ve done with the order obviously. It’s not the best solution where someone is asking for more free revisions than were offered.

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Well, yes, @uk1000 - cancellation is my understanding. But @fastcopywriter seems to mean something different by that phrase, so I’d like a definition of the terminology he’s using … it may be something neither of us have thought of.


How would a customer not accept an order? They auto complete 3 days after delivery. What would a customer have to do? Continually use the revision button until the seller gives up and accepts a cancellation?

Based on my (thankfully) very limited experience with the “I don’t like this” crowd:

  • the buyer “doesn’t like” the product delivered

  • then keeps bothering you via the order page (or via inbox if the order managed to autocomplete) for weeks

  • you keep quoting ToS and your gig terms

  • the interaction turns aggressive or just unbearably annoying

  • you contact CS and CS tells you to “keep working with the buyer” because they “can’t force the buyer to accept the delivery”. Which is their coded way of saying: “Listen, you can do everything you can to fix the situation and we will do everything we can to decline the cancellation/refund but if the buyer gets insistent and creative enough, one day it may come to that. But hey, you washed your hands first, don’t blame us.”

The end.