Revision modify or not


Today, one of my client have rated me 4.7 stars :pensive:
What should I do?
I don’t know why he gave me 4.7 stars even he was very happy with my work…

Help :disappointed:


I had one client who said they were 100% happy but they rated me 3 stars. ??? They wanted to work with me again but I said I was too busy that week. :slight_smile:


had you asked for modify feedback(change or update feedback)?


If he has completed and rated your order, you should not be doing anything more for him. His order is closed. The rating is yours to keep. And FYI, a 4.7 rating is NOT a bad review.


It will not affact my profile?


This is just something you have to move on from. Occasionally a buyer will leave somebody 4 stars and rave about how great the service was. It’s a personal and sometimes cultural thing. Some people just dont believe in “perfect”. They probably dont understand how critical 5 star reviews are to sellers. If they were happy and left you 4.7 just move on to the next thing. Leave them a 5 star rating and be kind.



right… Thank you :slight_smile: