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Revision option in package is NONSENCE

Revision option in package is Nonsence.

I have mentioned in my gig package 3 revision. Buyer brought that package after He have requested 8 times revision and still he’s able to take revision. What the Nonsence.

2nd issue - I had delivered the buyer job and He didn’t replied on the delivery. So According to fiverr, That order has been auto completed by fiverr system. after that Buyer came and given negative rating 1 star. I sent message about everything but He’s not replying.!! Is that my fault?

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I have noticed the oddity with revisions that you’re referring to. I once offered 2 free revisions on a custom order, yet the Buyer was able to request 7 revisions, free of charge, for that order. I have no idea how that happened.

As for your negative rating… that’s not so much Fiverr’s problem as it is your own. I would advise you to consider the nature of your order with that Buyer, and think carefully about why you received that rating.

How’s that my fault? If order has auto completed after job deliver - is that my fault? what a rubbish!! Lol…you don’t any idea :wink:

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You’re right… I don’t. Not sure how that warrants a wink, though.

Good luck to you.


No, it’s not, and by reading the feedback that’s been left by the buyer, I’d say they don’t understand that part of the buying process at all.

I wouldn’t attempt any more conversation with the buyer, but I would point out to CS that it does seem a very unfair feedback to be left by a buyer if they really don’t know how the site works.

Added - just saw the review’s still on the gig - apologies. Definitely reply to it!

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thanks for nice suggestion. I’m going to Create Help ticket for CS. Hope they will help and remove!!

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Fingers crossed - just make sure you’re ultra-nice to them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know, I was nominated for TRS in June first time But i stay at same level And Now, If this negative feedback will exist at my profile. I will be demote to Level 1.

So I think, Level system is also unfair to sellers. If my eligibility was for upgrade Level, They didn’t upgrade my Level But When Statics goes down. They will demote me…I’m sure!!

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The revisions you put in your gigs are self-managed. There’s no way the system can automate that fairly. Certainly if they did try to automate it, there would be some sellers who would take advantage of it and deliver early.

I never put revisions on my gigs, but I always make sure my client is satisfied with the end result… within reason. If the request was within the original scope of work and I missed it or made a mistake, I correct it. I don’t charge them. If the request was NOT in the original scope of work, I ask politely for an extra order.


I already sent message for buyer - But I never get any response.

I was paid a considerable sum of money for creating the same video 15 times for the same client recently. They understood that even a minor change in each video version would take time. (Which it does).

Today, I have just revised a single $50 order for the 11th time in 6 days from a buyer who is either extraordinarily cheeky or just very very simple.

There is my sanity ruined and a loss to Fiverr of several lovely commission and and $2 service charges per revision. - And yes, I have been extraordinarily patient but also firm with this buyer by insisting that every revision since the third is the last and further revisions will need to be paid for. All I get back is.

“Sorry, hate to be a pain… This will only take a second… I really appreciate all your hard work… One last tiny thing and we’re done.”

Followed naturally by: Your buyer requested a revision. Re-deliver now to avoid cancellation

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I think, you don’t understand my concern!! I had delivered job within Delivery time frame But Buyer has never requested for Revision. Even single reply. So according to fiverr system. That order has automatically completed after 3 days of delivery!!

Then Buyer just came and leaved negative feedback and rating. instantly I sent a message about everything describe of Order completed by Fiverr Auto system Because you didn’t replied within time frame. But He’s not replying anything… So what can i do!!

Of course, there is! Fiverr could set all gigs to allow 1 revision. After that, (and since we’re closing our own orders now) further revisions would need to be negotiated directly with sellers.


I’ve been / was searching for you in the search for what seemed like an eternity. Big hint: Consider changing your “I will speed up your website” gig to “I will speed up Wordpress!” - Sadly, I don’t need you anymore but I thought of you and couldn’t find you anywhere! :frowning:


I was addressing your first issue above…

If you set it to 1 revision, wouldn’t some crooked sellers out there try to deliver on incompleted work just to get an extra revision fee?

When were you searching? Last week, they dropped my gig from search, even with searching my keywords directly, I reached out and they fixed it.

I have now adjusted it to Wordpress because quite honestly, that’s the primary site structure I work in. Thanks for the tip!

BTW, I’ve been looking at your video gig almost every day for the past two weeks wanting to pull the trigger. I don’t have my official logo designed yet though I need an explainer video or two.

You mean you’ve been looking right at me while I’ve been trying to find you? That’s insane. It was up until yesterday when I was searching. I may need to pull the trigger and hire you at some point though. (Me an WP do not get along well).

Re. video. I just upped my prices slightly and pay put this on hold for a whole soon. In this case, just message me for some custom magics :slight_smile: