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Revision Option(Useless or not)

This Revision option is starting to hit a nerve as a seller, Its there make sure the buyer gets a revision, but if they dont get that gig extra they can still request revisions even if we deliver exactly what they want. So my question then is, what is the point on even having this option.

Seems as though we have to do revisions or take the chance of a bad review, Your thoughts?

I hardly ever get revisions, and I don’t have any options on it. I just do 'em as the changes are usually only going to take 5-10 minutes (as a writer–I realize that with graphic design, VOs and other areas it’s not quite as simple!). Some buyers will just abuse the button, even if it’s just to share their thoughts. Those annoy me. Just… say something then review me or go away, or inbox me.

Actually, I lied, my sucky website gig has a no revisions option and of course people ask for a revision. It’s like… dude, this is an opinion gig. You want me to revise my opinion when you’ve ordered a gig to see if I think your website sucks? lulz.

Anyway, just either charge for revisions, or set a limited amount of revisions and note that extra beyond that will cost $x per y revisions. Or just do them anyway. If they are obviously abusing the feature, then contact Customer Support–they will be on your side if you can prove that you have done the job to your gig description (minimum) and especially if you deliver a little more to appease them. You don’t need to bend over backwards for the unreasonable buyers–just get off your knees :wink:

It’s especially more difficult with any audio services. So, I completely understand where you’re coming from.

I limit them as it becomes no longer worth the original gig fee if they keep asking for adjustments…does’t happen much but I have begun limiting the number of revisions at the outset. I feel your pain :wink: