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REVISION or new PROJECT? Tips please

I had a really good job in which I was asked to create a video using stock footage, music, and VO. Only the VO script was approved by buyer. Rest was left to be sourced by myself. It was a good project and and client was paying a good amount so I included 3 revisions for them.

Anyway I made the video (1 min 23 sec) and delivered it. In the first revision they asked me to change the footage being used at a specific part of the video, change a few texts etc. I did those in like one day and sent em back. After that they told me the video was being approved by higher management and more revisions will be sent soon. WELL, finally the point; they sent the second revision details 10 days after I submitted the first revision. And in this they have sent me a completely new VO script which is 25 seconds longer then previous and they want footages of nearly the whole video changed!

I need help as to what to do. This is not a revision but a new project to me. Music will change since video run time increased by 30 sec, animations will change as the VO text has changed, video will change and VO will change. Only a few animations and maybe a little of the footage from previous video will remain.

Is this normal for a revision? And if not how should I talk to the client about this. Please help out. I’m new to freelancing incase u didnt notice xD.

Thank you

P.S They didnt label the order as In Revision so it was marked as complete complete automatically after 3 days of first submission. They also gave me a 5 star rating. Can rating be changed?


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Thank them for their continued interest in your service. List the revisions you will do for no-charge, and list the parts that are beyond the scope of the original order. Send a Gig Extra to cover the cost of the extra work. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller

As long as you delivered the work to the scope of the custom order, you should be alright. (Ratings, for the most part, cannot be changed. I would be more concerned about them trying to cancel on you.)

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This sounds like you have been hired by reseller who is letting their client run them around and expect that you will just go along with it. This is why many of us refuse to work for resellers as most are totally incompetent.

You need to do as @imagination7413 has indicated and note that you delivered the first Brief but that new requests are not revisions but alterations to the Brief. As such you are delighted to do them but will require an addition to the job for more pay to cover the changed requirements seeing you priced based on the original brief and not the new one.

If they buck or make demands (esp if they make threats), refer this to CS showing how you did the work as per a) the initial job and b) your portfolio and have offered a viable solution but the customer is not being reasonable under TOS.

Try not to cancel or you lose your money. If they leave a bad review it is frustrating but reply very carefully to it noting how you were happy to do the extra work requested but could not do so without matching payment from them. This shows you are not a pushover for scum and you value what you do which is a good sign to real buyers.


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could you explain what do you exactly mean by cancel on you? since the payment clearance process has begun and only 5 days are left (Im level 0 so 15 day clearance process). Can they cancel the payment clearance?

Thank you for this. It is very helpful

Two ways.
1: If you did not meet the promised scope of the order, or the quality in your samples. Fiverr has been known to cancel orders if the order is not fully met. (And, yes, this has been reported to happen even months after the order was completed.)
2: If the buyer breaks the ToS and issues a chargeback. Fiverr does not like this.


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ok thank you. From what I see they can only try the chargeback option. Because I started work i sent them a 10 second sample made specifically for them after which they hired me and the final video is completely like the sample. Also before starting I send them a detailed proposal which had everything that was included so I should be allright.

You should be but understand, if they are scammers, they may be more experienced at this than you are so may “create” scenarios that you wouldn’t have thought of to make it appear that you did not meet their Brief or expectations.

You can’t foresee them all - I have been surprised by some of the things I have seen done here - but if you have a robust Gig with FAQ and Requirements Form that makes this create to any reasonable person, AND know the TOS well enough to follow it, you can win more than you lose.


If it has completed and you got a 5-Star review from it…that project is done.

I’d be expecting the new changes you are doing to be considered a whole new project.

Good luck with that.

It could be a tricky one to resolve.