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Revision Policy

If I offer only 1 revision in my order but buyer can revise the order as much as he want.
Anyone can tell me Why it happen?


It’s because the revisions are purely informational - they do not prevent the buyer from requesting as many revisions as they like. It’s designed just to inform potential buyers how many revisions you offer before they order - some will respect that, others will abuse it.

There’s no way around it – not until Fiverr redesigns this feature.


I offer 1 revision and he had made 3…

Simply you can ask the buyer for extra charges by mentioning him/her that more than one revision includes extra charges and that’s it… :sunglasses:

Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

Best of Luck! :+1:


This is exactly what I do,

Just send a message saying “No problem, I can do the changes requested but unfortunately no more revisions are included, I have to charge $XX

Stop working for free!


This policy needs to be corrected. It took me the longest to figure out how some clients (not many but a few) were able to hit revision over and over when I only offer one per order. I emailed CS about this since I thought maybe I had my gig structured wrong or was missing something…I highly doubt all buyers are aware they should pay for more than one despite what my gig says. It’s not like they are alerted when they hit the mod button more than once. Not sure why it’s not disabled according to what we offer per gig.