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Revision problems in Fiverr

Maximum time buyer this revision problem.

Unlimited Revision is the Best Solution for a buyer.
But sometimes it can’t possibly. Cause, Level 1,2 and top-level seller are not ready for unlimited revision.
Do you need any help? Inbox me.


You are right, unlimited revision is the best option, and people don’t ask for a revision if you are best at what you are selling and understanding buyers project, choice, and need. but this is just our opinion.

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Only if you want to open yourself to abuse.

Sometimes buyers themselves don’t know what they want, or are just middlemen, and their end clients don’t know what they want and keep changing the brief.

A lot of buyers would disagree. A lot of (serious) buyers don’t want sellers who offer unlimited revisions, they want sellers who do it right the first time. Endless revisions would be a waste of their time.


You are right.
But I said it is the Best problem and buyers mostly face this problem.

I think one revision is the best option. Then, if I feel like I want to offer more to an individual buyer, I do so in the comments when I deliver their revision. I’ve been stuck in the endless loop of “can you just change this one word?” before, and it’s a waste of time. I accept that different services may require more than 1 revision, perhaps.


Yes, You are right. Just simple change is enough for a design.

Great! I am providing unlimited revision