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Revision problems in Fiverr

Maximum time buyer this revision problem.

Unlimited Revision is the Best Solution for a buyer.
But sometimes it can’t possibly. Cause, Level 1,2 and top-level seller are not ready for unlimited revision.
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You are right, unlimited revision is the best option, and people don’t ask for a revision if you are best at what you are selling and understanding buyers project, choice, and need. but this is just our opinion.


Only if you want to open yourself to abuse.

Sometimes buyers themselves don’t know what they want, or are just middlemen, and their end clients don’t know what they want and keep changing the brief.

A lot of buyers would disagree. A lot of (serious) buyers don’t want sellers who offer unlimited revisions, they want sellers who do it right the first time. Endless revisions would be a waste of their time.


You are right.
But I said it is the Best problem and buyers mostly face this problem.

I think one revision is the best option. Then, if I feel like I want to offer more to an individual buyer, I do so in the comments when I deliver their revision. I’ve been stuck in the endless loop of “can you just change this one word?” before, and it’s a waste of time. I accept that different services may require more than 1 revision, perhaps.


Yes, You are right. Just simple change is enough for a design.

Great! I am providing unlimited revision

i think that, in the case of logos, and where;

the gig involves designing the logo from scratch, and
it’s your premium gig

then 5 concepts and unlimited revisions seems reasonable. the concept should be decided upon before the revisions begin. that being said i’ve had a few logos made here and i’ve never needed more then one concept and generally use between one and five revisions

i know that things like tarot card readers tend to offer one revision, to ask a question or request clarity, in line with face to face tarot readings. with writing gigs, asking for a revision to change one word seems silly so limited revisions is probably wiser

with one of my favourite experiences. the seller delivered a great logo first time, but there were various things i really didn’t like about it, including the layout. so i took that jpeg, whacked it in paint shop pro 9, used the select tool to put five elements into separate layers and played around with is until it was perfect (i would recommend only sending low rez previews and to add your own watermark if you can). anyway, i sent the result back, and they not only delivered what i asked for, in three different colour variants with the layered source files as promised, but they also took the time to send me separate PNG transparencies of the three elements for my convenience

my point being, usually, if the buyer is going to get a high rez jpg, transparency png, source file and eps, they can probably make minor changes themselves at any time. that’s what those are for. so yeah, unlimited revisions good, taking the smeg bad

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Unlimited revisions is never reasonable.

First, because it’s not true - nothing at a limited price can offer unlimited anything.

Second, because it shows a lack of trust in your skills.

Third, because it attracts the worst buyers.


Thanks for your valuable opinion.

Thank you. You are right. I think so.

In my experience, even if you offer unlimited revisions or limited revisions, you have to stick to the order until your buyer’s get 100% satisfy work. otherwise it can lead to negative review or cancellation. so if you want to build a high quality profile and audience, always provide quality and 100% satisfy work.

even if I offer Unlimited revisions, 80% of orders will be complete within max 1-2 round. (if you good at what you do) 15% will ask 2-4 round and very few will ask more and taste Unlimited revisions.i think that as a freelancer, we have to accept this. :slight_smile:

thank you

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You are right quality and quantity is first.

That doesn’t even make sense. Quality and quantity are both first? So what’s second? Pick one or the other.

One time the customer asked for a revision more than 8 times (He was asking for unnecessary changes and changes in his decisions)
it was a bad experience for me which made me to set all gigs revision to 2


I would never do unlimited revision. Its like selling your soul forever. I can imagine the most buyer will not use revision because they are ok with your work but it depends on the category.
I need to think as coder. They could always come and need changes and recode few things. If I were lucky and have 5-10 clients per day (just guessing) and from old clients more people come to make few stuff this would overwhelm me.

But if I would offer high priced gigs like around $500 or more so I would give limited amount of time unlimited revision like 3-6 month or one year. At least I know I am free after a while :smiley:

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