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Revision problems

Hi Friend

1: What should i do in that case when client is not giving instructions about revisions?
And i have limited time.


You open a dispute from the “resolution center”, you state that you didn’t receive enough information, and then request more information. Also, don’t forget to be polite and explain the situation as best as you can.


Dont try to dispute the order for this … its not a good idea. I think “gig_freak” have misunderstood your situation.

Revision means you have already sent the delivery and the buyer requested revisions/modifications.

What is your problem is buyer requested modification but he is not provided the informations about the revision.

May be he/she working on it to provide you.

If the first delivery sent within the time duration you need to worry coz which is only calculated to the late delivery analysis. You no need to worry about the the time count on the revision coz it will not effect to the analysis.

Hope to answered to your question

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