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Revision question

I have a seller that I brought a logo from. They delivered on time but there were a small changes I wanted. lose an item and change color. I put the revision in and received not answer. That was five days ago. They finally answered and issue a order for 25 euro. I’ve already had the issue taken care of. All I want to do is close out the order(I’m the buyer) but they say it not possible . Since it was a revision and I sent it as such. Is there no way they can mark it as close so I can accept it and move on?


If you want to accept the delivery and complete the order, all your seller needs to do is redeliver. You’ll be able to accept and leave a review if you want to after that. Or, if you want to cancel, both you and the seller should be able to request cancellation. I don’t see why either of these things wouldn’t be possible.

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Just as roots282 said, have seller redeliver and you can close it out.

You do not need to pay her again - trust me on this.

Okay…I will tell here that. She a new seller and I’ve never had a problem before.
Thanks for the advice