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Revision Request after Deadline?

Hi everyone, I got my first order this week, 2 days ago.

I submitted two samples based on guidelines customer provided and customer didn’t like any so she sent another guideline and I worked with it and have submitted. However, The customer hasn’t responded since and it’s just 1 hour left. I just want to know if it’s possible for the customer to request a review after the deadline.


yes your buyer anytime send you revision , so you can submit your order or you can send him a time extension request


Thank you mate. I appreciate.


your most welcome, & wish you all the best to complete ta order with 5star & get more success in future

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I completed the order, I got a 4.3 star… I’m a little sad considering I put in a lot of work on my first order. But… I won’t give up :wink:

4.3 trust me its a good rating,

I have done order in price of 200, for a price what he paid for me 5$ And i still got a rating of 4,3 so dont be upset. You cant push people to rate you better. If he things you earned 4.3 and he give you. He couldnt see how long or how hard you was working; )

I understand. But it’s my first rating. 4.3 is what people are going to see on my gig that’s why I’m worried. If I had other 5.0s to cushion it, It will be good

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There is no way to go back, 4.3 is still really good rating. And it will not affect it, if it would be 1-3 then yes

Alright Mate. Thanks for the tips.