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Revision Request after Weeks

Hey all!

A client of mine is requesting for revisions for a video SIX WEEKS after the order was marked as complete! It was a list of major revisions and they did not mention anything about pay. On my gig, I do mention a free revision, but of course, I meant before the final delivery - not a month and a half later.

I gave a straightforward response that I do not keep files indefinitely, and that would mean that I would have to recreate the entire video. I told them because fiverr marks an order as complete, I do not have obligation to make revisions and wished them luck. The changes felt too major and like they wanted a new video from me.

The client told me my response was cold and filed something against me with Customer Service. CS asked me to reach out to the buyer and offer a revision. I am not interested in recreating the entire video, even for the fee because I feel like the buyer was taking advantage of me, and the buyer can’t leave a bad review or tip anyway, as it’s been longer than 2 weeks. I hope Fiverr protects me because of how long this timeline has been - their revision policy page says that the buyer only has 3 days to request a revision. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into a refund as it has been, like I said, SIX WEEKS since I made this order. I know Fiverr has burned a lot of sellers - have you had an experience like this? Am I going to lose my money I worked for?

Hi and welcome to fhe Fiver Forum. Sorry to hear about your bad buyer experience. I have only had one so far. A buyer agreed to a certain number of words in a narration and when I received the script it had many more words than I had expected. He also asked after the fact to record one script in a British accent. I am not British. I did complain to one of the Fiver people and they said I could go ahead and do it as a courtesy to the buyer. I didn’t want to, but I did the British accent and the extra words. Someone told me that they complained to CS and got demoted. So I did not want that to happen. Not sure about his situation or what happened. I think that the norm is “The customer is always right or in this case the buyer”.

In my personal experience, I received this kind of request, Customer Support says “I don’t obligate to do it, but they recommend it do it” lol.

A client gives me a very bad rating because he marked the order as finished and a couple of weeks he wanted a completely new concept, I do it but is more difficult to follow up the changes by message so I delay a couple of days to deliver and I gave them not only one but three new concepts, then the buyer reviews my work and gives me 1.7 stars.

I recommend you must talk to CS to clarify this before going ahead.

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I’m sorry to hear that about your situation! How unfair!

But yes!! CS just told me they recommend I come to an agreement with the buyer. It’s clear they only care about the money and to keep the money, they have to keep the buyer satisfied - even if the buyer takes advantage of you. I ended up messaging the buyer and telling them politely I am not interested in working on it as I have to recreate the entire project. Remember, you’re self-employed which allows you to refuse service!


Exactly!! I’m sorry this happened to you. Similar thing happened to me with the word count! I just had to keep refusing to do the service until the word count was acceptable. It’s not fair to do extra work w/ no pay! Sellers shouldn’t be exploited and Fiverr shouldn’t allow it. It’s annoying that Fiverr suggested you do it as a courtesy. If you were an hourly or salaried employee and your boss told you to do it as a courtesy, that’s one thing. But you earn off of commission and Fiverr should try to protect you and your work!

I would definitely go and BLOCK this buyer right now. They sound like a nightmare waiting to happen.

You should not be expected to “work this out” with someone who is obviously trying to get you to work for free weeks later. Nope. Not happening!

If someone had come back to me weeks later and wanted a revision that pretty much amounted to redoing a project, I would send them a Custom Offer explaining why it would cost them X amount. I think you handled this perfectly.

You can go to their profile to block them.


I would not be at all surprised if this buyer doesn’t cancel the job via Customer Support. They sound manipulative and behaving totally out of order. After six weeks, especially given the nature of the gig, of course you will have closed that job and moved on.

It’s natural to believe the job is complete satisfactorily when so much time has elapsed and I think in your shoes, I would write back politely to customer support and explain this is a complex task not a quick fix, and doing what the buyer wants would mean starting again from scratch and that this is a no-go and an unreasonable request.

It really is wholly unacceptable when a buyer does this. If the buyer cancels (assuming they still can via CS) then I’d say you have a good case to ask CS for compensation as you had delivered the job to completion and, as far as anyone could reasonably know, to satisfaction. Sounds like the buyer’s own goalposts may have moved on his project.

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